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Wallace Falls

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Wallace Falls was a nice 8.5 mile loop just a shade over an hour from home.  It was great to sleep in a bit, leave the house at 11am, get a nice hike in, and be back home before 6pm.

This was my first time really snapping waterfalls.  Botched a few settings, so looking forward to trying this again soon…

 Wallace Falls

We also encountered a surprising amount of snow above the falls—just past the warning sign saying only experienced hikers should proceed (complete with newspaper clipping about some teenagers who got lost). 

Anyway, we proved to be quite experienced.

Strollin' in the Snow

Philadelphia Mini-Day Trip

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I had a neglected voucher with Delta that was about to expire, so logically I snagged the cheapest ticket I could find for a day trip (while earning maximum mileage in the process, of course).  I hopped the redeye on Friday night to DTW and onwards to PHL—I was 2/2 on upgrades for what little it was worth on these flights.

I had about four hours to spend in Philadelphia.  Thanks to a sweet deal from Hertz, I rented a car for $5.50 (while also earning 1,700 BMI miles).  To make the deal even sweeter, when I got to my Hertz Gold spot there was a Prius waiting for me.

Hertz Prius

Then things got depressing when I couldn't figure out how to start the car.  I kept hitting the Power button and nothing would happen.  I went inside and sheepishly explained that I was clueless—the Hertz lady was all smiles: "Honey, don't even be embarrassed…nobody ever knows how to start them."  Phew.

I cruised to town and hit up a tour of Independence Hall—which is totally free and easy during these frigid months.  Saw a chair that George Washington sat in and then went to check out the Liberty Bell.

 Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

Now, it was time for a cheesesteak.  After lengthy research on Chow Hound, FlyerTalk, and Yelp, I ended up at Dalessandro's.  For $6 I got a foot-long bun overflowing with steak, cheese, and onions.  Amazing.  It also makes me thankful that I live in Seattle—there's no way I'd make it to 30 with food like this within reach every day.

And it's totally random that an identical red Prius drove by while I snapped this photo of the joint:

Dalessandro's Steaks

I transported a cheesesteak home for Lillie that hopefully survived the 12 hours between purchase and reaching the fridge.  It's currently in the oven reheating.  And Tastykakes for dessert!

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