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Hair loss consult = 20K Delta miles

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Considering my shaggy dome you can understand how I would be a bit nervous about this…

But the doctor was pretty good humored about it all: "Tell me what the heck you're doing here with that beautiful head of hair?"  I replied with "There's a Delta airlines promotion…"  He laughed and I was outta there a few minutes later.  Super nice and he even double checked he had my frequent flyer number to ensure I'm properly credited the miles.

This brings me to 68,294 Delta miles without ever flying Delta—in fact, 16,294 of those miles are from the $300 business class trip to Cyprus, 30K from recent rental car sprees (~$120), 2K from some random online contest, and now this 20K for $0.00.  Sweet.

Now I'm starting to eye the Singapore Airlines 120K mile business award—easily the best value in the otherwise horrible Delta SkyMiles program.

Zizou is...chasing squirrels

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Had no idea people actually read things here and I just had the second person today asking about Zizou's paw. 

The bootleg veterinary work did the job and he was back to normal in a few days.  But we'll be sure to lube his paws up with bag balm for future excursions.

On behalf of Zizou, we thank you all for your well wishes!

Zizou is...gimpy

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This is a sad, sad boy.  Tough day out on the trail this weekend left him with a bum paw.

We'll see how the MacGyver veterinary work goes before heading to the actual veterinarian.

Except for this little problem, our weekend hike to Beverly Turnpike was fantastic.  No photos as I forgot the memory card for the camera.  Ooops.

Posting from iPhone

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I feel dirty having shopped at the Apple Store. But this boy is kinda cool...

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