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Birthday Dog

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Ziz celebrates his first birthday today. I'm skeptical he is aware, so I haven't planned anything special...but hopefully we'll be celebrating a White Sox World Series tonight. Happy birthday, dog!



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It was a give and take battle with the TSA this weekend.

I lost the shoe battle but inadvertantly managed to carry a pair of scissors on-board. The early morning TSA crew was not sympathetic to my expressing fears of athlete's foot.

Things were more interesting on my return leg. TSA said "you should take your shoes off". I replied with "I think I'll keep them on" and walked through. He didn't put up a fight.

But then my bag was pulled out for extra screening. Those stowaway scissors had come back to haunt me! TSA lady took away my scissors.

The funny part is that I picked up this 8"x12" framed poster that was lashed to the outside of my bag. It was an Ikea frame that was pretty much just a sheet of glass on top of the print. While repacking my bag post-scissor confiscation, I cut my finger on the glass frame. Instead of wincing in pain, I chuckled to myself.


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I'm not terribly pleased with my craftsmanship on the upper tier, but it'll get the job done. In the future, I might cover up the timbers with something, anyway.

DSCF0105 (Small).JPG

Now it's back to finishing the fence...and even more daunting is getting some plants in the ground for the fall planting season...

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