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Traces of a Fence

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Thanks to the good people at Seattle Lumber (ironically in Renton, WA), I got a healthy dose of 2"x2"x12' lengths of clear cedar. The garage smells amazing with them sitting in there, right now.

After work, my elite fence building team congregated for Boca Burgers and wood chopping. After two hours of work, we'd exhausted the daylight and the neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate chop sawing post-9pm. We were rocking in the end and it was painful to stop...especially considering my next two weekends are being spent abroad.

But alas, there is now some semblance of the makings of a fence. And said semblance will now remain as is for two weeks...neighbors wondering if it will ever finish.

DSCF0238 (Large).JPG

Click on that picture for an expanded view. And yes, that gangly holly tree is a gots to go situation.


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There's a coyote in my subdivision!

My abode borders the Longfellow Creek and apparently some coyotes have called it home. A neighbor alerted us to his sighting and not five minutes later, I saw the little guy poking his head up in the thistle. Some brief research shows that a coyote is much more likely to eat a cat than my Zizou. Phew!

And for the record, out here in the country, we don't pronounce the long "e" sound in Coyot.

On the landscaping front, I botched my lumber order so there was absolutely no progress made. And I need to get the fence up before I can run the cables from the DirecTV dish...aargh. I guess I'll go read or something, now.

Close But No Cuban Cigar

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The US were in Seattle tonight playing Cuba in the Gold Cup (tourney for North/Central America and all those islands in the sea). If you didn't dial into the Spanish channel Telefutura, you probably missed it. The US' B/C-team was terrible...but pulled out a 4-1 win by scoring three goals in the final five minutes.

The crowd was odd. Alot were just soccer fans excited to have a match in town no matter that Mexico or England weren't playing. But it was mostly soccer moms and their kids. The teenage girls went bananas when Landon Donovan came on as a substitute and then scored the go-ahead goal. I don't really get the teen appeal to Landon--he's a goofy dude with a receding hairline. But the Tiger Beat kids dig Clay who knows?

The stadium atmosphere was as exciting as a UIC v Youngstown State basketball game I once went to. None of those great "Duh-Marcus Beeeeeasley" chants we all remember from the Fire games going on here. Nothing but kids milling around eating their nachos.

But just like David Putty says, "gotta support the team". So I'll be back there on Saturday afternoon between trips to the Home Depot as we face the Canucks.

Yahd Waste

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Four tarps full of vines and other weedage plus another four 32-gallon bags. Some dude from Craigslist with an Isuzu is supposed to pick it all up tomorrow.

DSCF0225 (Medium).JPG

Currently 10 for 17 on fence posts buried in concrete. I've never played with concrete before and as you might reckon, it's really not all that fun. Well, if you had a big ol' mixing truck or something it might be. But lugging around 80lb bags (one bag/hole) manually gets a bit old. So if you're looking for a quick work-out...holla.

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