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Ding Dong

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Started with this obviously bland doorbell:


Then hooked up this LED button from Seattle-based Spore known as the R2:


My night photography skills are hurting for sure...but it really does look slick in the dark.

More serious matters are to be attended to this long weekend, though. Zizou is terrorizing the neighbor's yard/Pekingese so the first step to solving this is to drop in some fence posts. Should be interesting...

My Nemisis

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Himalayan Blackberry is not my friend. The new backyard was completely overgrown with the stuff. Looks something like this:

DSCF0200 (Medium).JPG

It's basically these thick thorny vines that just take over the show. Save for a specific variety of deathly toxic pesticide, it sounds like it's a several year battle. After cutting back all the vines, I busted out the shovel to pull out the roots. Check out this crown--that's the big bulb (about the size of two fists) with all the rhizomes jutting out:

DSCF0209 (Medium).JPG

Quite an amazing little weed. I've cleared out enough now that I can actually see my property lines, though. I'll post the after picture tomorrow when I take one in the daylight. But here's an intermediary picture, for now:

DSCF0211 (Medium).JPG

Still a long ways to go. Fencing...Terracing...Cabbage patch...

Silver Falls

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On Friday night at around 5:30pm, made a late decision to join some others camping. Only at 7pm was the car loaded and us out the door...with a 4 hour drive to Silver Falls. To give you an idea on the geography, here's a map that shows about where we were.

On arrival to the campground at 11pm, it was a complete ghost-town. And a completely gorgeous camp that sits right on the water. Highly recommended. After mooching off our campmate's Coors Light pancakes, we knocked out a very short hike to Silver Falls:

And back in Seattle for dinner and a 10pm indoor game. And then another game last night at 8pm. Very bold.

Few new pics added to the F&F Gallery.


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A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! Though the US rocked Panama 3-0 and have very nearly clinched the World Cup berth at the half-point of qualification. For those who caught the match on late night ESPN2, the ref Mauricio Navarro was terrible. There were several no-call red cards. But what would you expect from a Canuck ref?

This is an old column from Stewart Mandel's column on Ohio State fans that I just stumbled upon. He's talking about all the absurd questions he gets from Columbus, like "Would you say our linebackers are insanely awesome or just ridiculously awesome?" Yes, Ohio State fans are idiots and I rather enjoy the 2,500-mile buffer from the Horseshow. Go Bucks!

And in another two weeks you might see this space turn into a blog that Bob Villa would be proud (appalled?) of. Stay tuned...


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Anyone else wish they could bill $200/hour? You could buy like 400 White Castles for lunch after an hours worth of work. Sweet gig.

A group of zany lawyers penned this tune Leaving on a Jet Plane--listen to it here. Weird Al, they ain't...but you know I love a good TSA barb.

And word to Anurag Kashyap! I'd much prefer Indians to be known for nonsense spelling abilities than for having the longest nails, longest beard, and marathon hair cutting. Some Turk just stole the mooooostache record from India--I plan on bringing that one back home...

Moving On Up...

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Before I find myself evicted, I took a preemptive measure and scooped a house that reminds me much of the Bluth model home (of Arrested Development fame...same as Barry in the previous post).

Here's the satellite map (click to expand)...this time with X marking the spot. It appears the subdivision is utilizing some kind of stealth technology to evade Google's satellite maps and simply appear as shrubbery. That expansive roof to the east is Home Depot. Forget a view of the mountains...


Cool as the Fonz/Barry

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I have recently staked claim on being the first and only Indian owner of a Griff...but I can't hang with superstar owners like this:


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