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First Class

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Out of the blue yesterday, my boss asked if I wanted to go to the San Juan Islands. Considering that he pilots his own plane, how could I possibly resist?

Oh yeah, the dog...but the big boss hooked me up large and picked up myself AND Zizou from Boeing Field. BFI is an airport I never thought I'd conquer. Best of all, no TSA in that piece! I just walked out to the plane with a dog in tow and my pockets overflowing with nail clippers, tweezers, and lighters.

My pictures are lacking, but here's one from my always preferred window exit row seat (Mount Baker is in the distance):

DSCF0153 (Small).JPG

The San Juans are usually a 2.5 hour drive followed by a 2.5 hour ferry ride. This was a quick 40 minutes in by far the smallest plane I've taken since a 19-seater LGA-MHT years ago. The weather was gorgeous and the ride was simply butter.

Here's a blurry pic of the plane and dog--Zizou's tail served as an auxillary propeller during the flight. Dog definitely earned his pilots wings during the trip. A much better middle seat rider than anyone you'll find on Southwest.

On another note, in a comment to my previous post some unidentified gentleman accuses me of arguing "for less stringent security measures" from the TSA. I think he just pulled an Ann Coulter-ish move and is calling me soft on terror!

Shoe Carnival

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I think I've mentioned before how I feel about the TSA. Here are some penguins that have felt their wrath! Obviously this was a cute photo-op, but I was highly amused that the handlers are shoeless. I'm skeptical that these SeaWorld employees are potential shoe bombers.

And props to the TSA for confiscating 145,000 Bic lighters in the first four days of that ban--you can still take matches on board.

Oyster Dome

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Anyone still here?

The weather has been gorgeous, so Saturday I cruised north on I-5 to Chuckanut Drive. By no coincidence, it is here that you can find Chuckanut Mountain. And I love saying Chuckanut.

Oyster Dome was the target (photo taken on my last trip there a year ago):


This time around, I wasn't content just looking up at Oyster Dome. I had to cruise up to the top which is hyped to have some nice views of the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, and onwards to Canada.

I get up there to find a group of a dozen just perched at the best view point slowly eating their trail mix and patting themselves on the back for making it up. All told it was only about 7 miles round-trip, but with a nice 2,000+ foot vertical elevation gain. I was up and back a shade under 3-hours and pretty winded. A couple Dean Karnazes wannabes who blew past me probably did it in half that.

Highly recommended and easily you can hit up Taylor Shellfish Farms on the way home for fresh oysters. Also recommended is the Rhododendron Cafe--surprisingly creative food in this rural locale.


The Rain is Not Gone

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Everyone has their opinion on Seattle weather. I've jumped on the bandwagon and think the weather out here is fantastic. But for the past couple of weeks, everyday the weather reports seem to list the chance of rain at 50%. And everyday we are on the sunnyside of that 50%.

I had grand plans to kick off the camping season this weekend, but said weather reports are a bit ominous. Sadly, since losing $20 on Rahman v Holyfield (where Holy headbutted his way to a victory) I haven't been a gambling man. That means I might have to stay more local and possibly check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Huzzah!

Expect lots of tulip and daffodil pictures next week! Enjoy your weekends.

Mark Spitz

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At 5.5 months, he's already a better swimmer than his master ever will be. That's lovely Lake Washington.

Otter Falls

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Just 34-miles east of Seattle, you can stumble upon this 1600' waterfall. Water slides down this massive sheet of granite into an equally ill-named Otter Lake--no otters in sight. It's an easy hike of ~10 miles that even a 5-month puppy can knock out. A few more pictures posted in the gallery. I sadly didn't have the camera ready when I saw my first bobcat. Not knowing anything about these boys I didn't chase it into the brush for a close-up. Exciting nonetheless.

Atta Boy

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Zizou pounced on a dude wearing a Michigan visor at the park this morning. I was so proud of him!

Boring week here...y'all have a good weekend, now.

Happy Birthday!

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Still reeling from my trip to Orlando, I neglected to wish a happy first birthday to this here website, yesterday. What a wild ride it's been!

I thought about celebrating by purchasing a roundtrip LAX-Fiji ticket for $51 that was floating around this morning. But having realized that the money I'd seemingly been saving now has to go towards federal taxes...which I'd seemingly not been paying...I had to pass. Thankfully, it looks like I won't have to cash in the hi-def set.

Cruise over to Rap Nerd for some Romper Room classics.

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