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T.G.I. Wednesday

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I scored a huge moral victory last night at SeaTac enroute to Orlando...I managed to keep my shoes on while going through the metal detectors! It's of my opinion that the TSA is a fraud and they've aggravated me countless times since their shotgun inception post 9/11. Here's the TSA's shoe policy. I encourage everyone to keep their socks clean and not take off their Keds, no matter how much the TSA goons "strongly encourage" you to do so. Sadly you open yourself to a secondary screening by leaving your shoes on, but I think it's worth it (assuming you're not carrying guns/knives/drugs). Just don't let those idiots bully you into taking off your shoes unnecessarily.

The saddest sight during my hour layover at DFW was a queue of 20 people at 5:40am anxiously awaiting McDonalds to open at 6:00am. Though my bad move of the early morning hours was being woken up by the flight attendant at 7:00am and for some reason ordering a Coke. Everyone else was rightly having OJ, so she said to me "a Coke?", and I was quite assured with my affirmative before coming to my senses and realizing the time and what an awful decision I'd just made.

There's a TGI Friday's and a Hooters by my hotel. I don't eat chicken which rules out wings from I had my first of what should be several outings to TGI Friday's tonight.

The USMNT knocked off Guatemala tonight in Birmingham, Alabama. Nearly 33,000 people were in attendance--in Alabama! A solid win to bounce back from the Mexico World Cup Qualifier comes June 4 in Salt Lake City against Costa Rica.

Arlington Road

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Anyone see the flick Arlington Road? I just re-watched it (in hi-def) and enjoyed it once again. It's got the usual Hollywood plot holes, but it's a solid thrilla-chilla. And obviously no way could this movie have been made post 9/11.

I'm off for another trip to Orlando tomorrow. I'll be teaching a class to high-schoolers on surfing the web--I can't imagine a subject I'm more qualified to drop the knowledge on.

Maybe Next Time

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The US went down 2-1 to Mexico this otherwise fine Easter Sunday. Revenge shall be sought on September 3 in Columbus, Ohio. I plan on being there.

I'm knackered...ate way too many Peeps.

Yanks v Tri Colores

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Easter means lamb and Peeps. But this Sunday, add USA v Mexico to your to do list (ESPN2/Telemundo Live 10am PST/1pm EST).

Sub-$400 airfare to MEX was nowhere to be found, so I'll be in front of the tube banging on my stainless steel coffee table just as I do for every major US game--and this World Cup Qualifier is the first big one in awhile. Man, I can't wait...

Even SI got into the excitement with a preview of the game in this week's issue--much props to Grant Wahl, his full bootlegged story is in the "Continue Reading" section below. Also here's a much funnier preview from the official FIFA site.

That's all I've got...hopefully we'll all be spared the hijinks of Tom DeLay and Doctor "HIV can be transmitted by sweat" Frist this weekend...have a good one.

Best Show on TV?

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While da CowMonkey tends to focus on teen shows on the domestic front, I like to enjoy teen shows with more international flavor. Thus, for several years now I've been hooked on Canada's Degrassi: The Next Generation. The New York Times even gave the show its proper due in the Sunday magazine last week.

The N is the shoddy network that shows it here stateside...but they do so quite selectively, i.e. forgetting to show two episodes dealing with abortion. Thanks to this fan site, you can download such episodes plus others not yet aired in the US of A. It's VCR quality picture, but they do this right out in the open and the show's producers don't seem to mind. Oh, Canada!

And for the real old school Degrassi heads, here's the Zit's Everybody Wants Something MP3!

Fallin' Off...

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Before I was hacking TiVo's and scamming for frequent flyer miles, I used to host a little radio show with Kevduce aka The Rap Nerd on WHPK-Chicago--amazingly, as I click that link I see that our legacy continues!

But ripped straight from the Rap Nerd, here's a Shabaam Sahdeeq joint (right click->save as) complete with Romper Room shout outs.


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Sometime last year, my Venice Beach compadre alerted me to this acronym. It stands for "Going Out Shirt". You all know who these guys are rocking the GOS. And my brother just passed on this Onion-esque piece detailing a night in the life of a guy in a GOS.

The Seattle CBS dropped the ball left and right the past four days with March Madness. Most of the games were being broadcast in's literally just a matter of the station's engineer flipping a switch to transmit that signal out. The local CBS seemed to refuse to flip the switch. One guy on a nerdy AV message board I frequent received this email from the station:

Thank you for your repeated message about HD. All games broadcast by CBS in HD are aired in HD - and all others are manually upconverted. Since CBS is randomly switching among a variety of games, it is quite a challenge for the person in the control room.

So basically someone is just too lazy to do their job...brilliant.

Anyway, I'm on the record saying "basketball sucks", but the college tournament is incredibly compelling...thus I tune in. Best part so far was catching Edward McCants from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on the telly. This guy went to the same high-school as me--before transferring to a school down the road for an offense more suited for his play. And I once almost ran over him on a bike with my Neon.


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So Zizou was stripped of his reproduction capabilities yesterday...dropped him off yesterday at 9am and was scheduled to pick him up at 9am this morning. The vet called in the 8am hour saying that Zizou was fine and "desperately" waiting for pickup. He's pretty frisky and recovering, but the major issue at hand is that after a night in the kennel, he couldn't possibly smell any worse...and according to the post-op instructions, he isn't to be bathed for ten days. There's no way my olfactory system can hold out for that long.

Anyway, the only reason I'm sharing this with you is to create some kind of context for "Neuticles"--the flash intro is classic. And no, Zizou isn't rockin' neuticles.


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Peep the Dieon Sander's Hot Dog Express. I've never cared for Neon since his days with the Columbus Clippers. And this just solidifies things. George Foreman he is not.

From Reese of Malcolm in the Middle fame: "Show me a man with pride and I'll show you a man with limited options."

Wacko Jacko

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Anyone else watching the E! Michael Jackson Trial coverage? I'm not a CourtTV guy and have no idea who Robert Blake is, but I'm getting into this one. If this accuser's story is for real, MJ should die a slow and painful death. But the stories are just too ridiculous and I think we'll see an MJ & R. Kelly album dubbed "Bulletproof" soon enough--Juror 11 will help ensure that.

The folks over at CowMonkey might disagree, but it is time to cancel the season pass for The O.C.. If you enjoy the sensation of being beat over the head with a shovel...constantly...well, then enjoy your Chrismakah nonsense.

Enjoy your weekends, y'all.

New Blog on the Block

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Here's another one to bookmark, my Romper Room cohort is up and running over at The Rap Nerd. This is the perfect complement for y'all with empty iPods...and the Duce is sure to drop some rap knowledge on you, at the same time. The blogs list on the left side has been updated to reflect this recommendation.

I've been slow with the updates as I've been recovering from the jet lag. My brother was much like Joe Mayo running his party--I got the job of making sure nobody at the party tapped on the fish tank. Before the bash, I hit up Santa Anita Park in hopes of making some quick cash. I left the track short $6, while my sister came away losing TWO seperate photo-finish races. One of which was an exacta wager that would have netted $200+ on a $10 bet. Bummer.

But really the best story is my Venice Beach friend who lives next door to Tim Meadows. However, my buddy had no idea about his neighbor's SNL background, but simply knew him as "Tim" and for being an excellent parallel parker. In non-B-list celebrity sightings, I missed Eva Longoria--who has a much better IMDB photo than Mr. Meadows--by ten-minutes at a diner. Bummer.

LA LA Land

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Big brother was throwing a much talked about bash in LA this I hopped the Alaska weekend fare and cruised down. But now it's time for me to jump on a prop plane to Boise...then another to Seattle. More to come...

Celebrity Sighting

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In all the excitement, I forgot to mention that I crossed paths with Al Borland in Orlando. I was too star struck to say anything to him, though.

Happy Birthday, Yahoo!

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