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I penned some brilliance earlier...but for some reason my power just went out for the third time tonight. I have a UPS (uninterruptable power supply), but instead of being connected to the computer it's plugged into the TiVo/big screen. Priorities.

Edit: Make that four power outages...odd.

Driving Ms. Daisy

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Million Dollar Baby pulled in some hardware tonight...but I've been amused at how the starved for attention boxing world could care less. I haven't seen the flick but would if it's on a redeye flight of mine someday. Sadly, I missed Chris Rock's opening...sounds like there was a decent bit with Adam Sandler?

And it's a miracle I made it back from Orlando after the most amazing airport shuttle ride in history. First, the bus showed up to the hotel about 25 minutes late. Turns out the driver couldn't find the hotel (and with 1,300+ rooms it's hard to miss). Then, after noticing that we had driven by our hotel two times, someone piped up asking the bus driver what the deal was. He was looking for the Travelodge. A few minutes later, we were at the Wyndham...the bus driver ran inside and a few more minutes later he came back with a tourist map. A passenger asked, "now do you know where the Travelodge is?" To which the driver responded, "roughly."

I had a serious case of the LOLs. The driver pleaded with the raucous bus to "give him a chance". I felt pretty bad for this immigrant dude, but he really should have known where these hotels were on this 5-mile stretch of tourist nirvana. Though I felt really bad for a dozen people who missed their flights to Chicago, as a result of the madness. I was one of the few on my flight home not wearing mouse ears.

Mo Clarett kept up his dodgy streak during NFL workouts this weekend.

Sunshine State

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I'm doing the convention thing in Orlando this's a pretty sad place down here on International Drive with an Olive Garden or Red Lobster on every corner. Some of the conferences taking place are just the "American Quality Institute" is running a "Quality Management Conference"...sounds like a snoozer.

Word from Seattle is that Zizou pulled a Houdini and escaped his crate sometime in the afternoon. No real destruction caused--save for my childhood Shirt Tale (which I'm actually kind of bummed about). Who even knows what a Shirt Tale is?


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One mis-click and I killed my trip report from the weekend....

Bottom line is that there were snowmobiles zipping along at 60-mph, sometimes running into trees, a pizza joint only accessible by foot/snowmobile, exploring a lava tube, and myself finding the Brian Boitano within (ice skating-wise...not gay).

Also, you'll see a link for friends & family gallery on the navigation bar above. If you haven't received an email from me with the password and feel you qualify as said friends & family, hit the contact link above to let me know.

Free Music

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Man, I love the internet. Cats already found a way around the new Napster service for some free's the lowdown. If you follow the steps, it works quite nicely. I'm downloading all Metallica, right now.

Go Blue

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Alk Alk (have folks figure out who this is, yet?) got into the University of Michigan today! Now everyone needs to encourage her to go there instead of becoming a Purdue Boilermaker.

Yes, I'm excited about the prospects of having an inside track to a ticket for OSU v Michigan...but Ann Arbor is a helluva school, too. So congrats!


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My next-door neighbor growing up got hitched this weekend, so I've spent my weekend in Marion. Even though he's a Republican, there was no hesitation to fly in for this one. And since he's a BBB reader, I've gotta give him props!

I explained the Spanish mullett to my longtime barber here, but he wasn't willing to co-sign my request. Though I reckon he's cut a mullet or two here in this town, before. He took off just enough that I'm still maintaining the northwest shag look...much to my parent's frequently expressed disapproval. But like that guy in that movie Hitched once said, parents just don't understand.

I'll be back in the liberal left/Seattle tomorrow...I hope I left out enough food/water for Zizou while I was gone!

Sporting Lull

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Not much going on this time of year in the sporting world...except for qualifying for next year's World Cup. US v Trinidad & Tobago at 11:30am PST on ESPN 2.

Vidal Sassoon

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I'm due for my tri-annual haircut this week. Here's the photo I'm handing to the stylist at Supercuts.


Patriot Day

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I've never been a fan of Duke basketball, Miami Hurricanes football, Manchester United, etc...but it's hard for me to hate on the Patriots. Though I still haven't forgiven Belichick for cutting Bernie Kosar from the roster during his Browns coaching days. Also props to Buckeye Mike Vrabel for his TD.

Villa Burbia hosted a fried razor clam extravaganza to enjoy the Super Bowl by. Razor clams look more geoduck than is our catch....and here they are post-cleaning. I'd never hunted nor eaten them before...but very fun and tasty. It's a pretty fascinating creature...more here.

Sadly, Zizou was a bit scurred of the waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean and was reluctant to jump in. But check out the Matrix parked on the beach of the Pacific (that's not me in the picture).

My Pet Rat

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