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So Sleepy

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Zizou rocked his first hike yesterday, an easy one to Twin Falls. The two or so miles are easy enough, and Zizou showed no signs of fatigue. But then he slept from 5pm to 7am. Atta boy.

Then today, we made his first trip to Magnuson Park for some off-leash action. I felt like Nemo's dad Marlin, as I was pretty reluctant to let the little guy loose. We came up on this old man/Dr. Doolittle wannabe who began groping Zizou's underside and then diagnosed him with a hernia. I'm skeptical of his diagnosis as he continued on to argue with me about the breed of my dog. Chalk him up to the crazies.

Finally, if you ever find yourself in Issaquah, do yourself a favor and hit up the XXX Root Beer Drive-In. This is Americana at its finest. My only advice is to go hungry and to ignore the damage the food is doing to your body--I rocked a sloppy chili-cheeseburger and a frosted mug of root beer (knocking on 40 ice).

Dickie V

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Anyone read a Dick Vitale article from I'M SURPRISED DICK'S COLUMN ISN'T IN ALL CAPS.

Here's a related story from Slate. I'm happy to see that the boys from PTI were somewhat spared. I give these guys props for ripping on every made for ESPN movie churned out. Tony's new local D.C. radio show is hitting the XM airwaves next month. This makes XM much more tempting to me...but I still can't rationalize $120/year on radio subscription fees.


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Here's an MP3 of Jin responding to the Hot 97 song. If you don't know Jin, here's his website.

Plus Miss Jones has been "suspended indefinitely".

Lost Boy Scout

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I've got a fireplace in my homestead, and to take advantage I picked up a Matrix-full of North Idaho Energy Logs. The problem is, I can't get these boys to flare up. Last night I had them glowing a bright orange and flaming when I blew on/blow dryed them. But they just kind of smoldered. As an Eagle Scout, this is completely maddening.

On a more serious note, my sister just forwarded this to me and now I do the same. Apparently Hot 97 in NYC made a "Tsunami Song". can be chalked up to a small handfull of crazies, but how the hell does something like this get past the suits bank-rolling Hot 97?

Here's a mentioningfrom the NY Times and here's the offending MP3.

Also, here's more on another bit courtesy of Star and Buc that caused a stir, as well.

Back to the fire-building...

Happy Birthday

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to Alk Alk's sister! Twenty-five years old and saying farewell to car rental company's underage surcharges.

Pretty Boy Floyd

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the illest boxer out there now...sadly nobody knows who he is. But he schooled some tomato can on Saturday night. His biggest problem is he tends to get into scuffles outside of the ring. And the even bigger problem is these scuffles tend to be with women.

Now, if you've ever caught an HBO boxing telecast, you surely remember Larry Merchant. Love him or hate him, the guy doesn't hold any punches when he's liquored up on-air. And on Saturday night he dropped this gem on Floyd in introducing the fight:

Why is he fighting Bruseles? I guess the women he spars with aren't available.

My dog fearing mom met Zizou this weekend...hard to tell how she feels.


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Check out this "tank" on Amazon...

Pardon the Dust

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Well, I've attempted to spruce things up a bit around here. I've added a few new features--like if you use My Yahoo as your homepage you can add a newsfeed for BBB. The friends & family password will be provided as needed.

Let me know if you stumble on any problems/errors.

Looong Weekend

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Celebrated the MLK weekend with all kinds of out of town visitors. My brother was in town so I hired a slew of actors to hang out with us in an attempt to prove I sometimes interact with things not named Zizou and Panasonic. He fell for it.

In the process, I followed up a sub-100 bowling game with a 147. The only more remarkable achievement of the night, was one person throwing 6-consecutive gutter balls. We'll chalk that up to the Miller, though.

Before finally settling on my pup, I spent countless hours on checking out the scene. It's a pretty addictive site with everything from dogs as smart as Lassie to one-legged blind pugs. Though today for the first time, I actually felt kind of bad for one of the dogs---there's a Griffon in Sacramento at the dawg pound. The concrete floor, chainlink collar, and jugs of chemicals in the photo don't create the most pleasant imagery.

Demon Dog

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Zizou is trying to kill me:

demon dog.jpg


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The Latter Day Saints made their 3rd visit to my abode tonight (4th if you count yesterday when I fled the house knowing they were planning to come by). I tried to psyche Zizou up to attack anybody wearing a skinny black tie and trench coat, but alas he is too soft. There's so many things I'd like to say to those guys....but I buckled and stuck with: "uhhhh, I'm kinda busy, dudes." I just hope this was the last encounter...

Also on the wacko religion front, just watched the below mentioned Nightline episode. Bottom line is that I'll never understand why some people have to make both their lives and others so damn difficult?

He Hates Who?

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Tonight's Nightline looks to be a good one. I wasn't hip to the website until today....but if you're looking to have your mind blown head on over there. If you're actually interested in that site, you'll have to cut and paste as I'd rather exert my energy typing this than to give those clowns a direct link.

The details of the Nightline episode are below:

It's Ova

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The Washington election was finally certified today with the Democrat the winner. My only interest in this is to see the updates on the electronic billboard on my I-5 commute. Currently, it reads "Felons Vote. Soldiers Don't. Revote."

In my Saved by the Bell-related post last week, I neglected to mention that Dustin Diamond turned 28 last Friday. Happy birthday Screech!

Deal of the Century

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I'm all about price matching, coupons, and generally abusing the "loss leaders" at the major electronics chains (i.e. CD-Rs that are free after rebate, etc.)

Below is ripped from one of my favorite deal sites:

At my CompUSA, they sell candy and other refreshments near the register.

Here is CompUSA's price match policy: "We'll beat any local retail competitor's advertised price on every product we sell by $1.00, either at the time of purchase or within the following 14 days."

Get a store ad from CVS, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, or any other local store and price match! CompUSA does not sell candy for less than these stores.

Free candy and soda!!

I don't have the audacity to try this....or do I?


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The Sooners might be the collegiate version of the Buffalo Bills. I didn't even bother to watch the second half. But did anyone catch the halftime show? What a disaster! Easily the highlight of the Orange Bowl for this USC-hater was seeing the talentless Ashlee Simpson booed. I recently hooked up a surround sound setup and it paid for itself tonight...out of the rear right channel you could clearly hear some guy in the crowd yelling: Ashlee, you suck!

Mario Lopez is going to star in a soccer movie titled The Goal. Here's the premise:

The Goal follows the heart-wrenching journey of Topone, a young man who rises from the infamous favelas (ghettos) of Rio de Janeiro to become the number one soccer player in the world. During the Brazilian championship, tragedy strikes and Topone is in danger of losing his soccer career forever, when he is traded to the United States.

Slater supports the Boys and Girls Clubs so I'll refrain from any further comments.


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As you might reckon, my spare time is completely consumed by this pooch. The queue of January visitors will be happy to know that the housetraining process is moving along nicely. Plus he had a peaceful night's rest in his crate for the first time last night (this also translates to myself sleeping well). Now if I could just stop him from stealing the bath mats and taking them to his crate...

I'm stoked for the Orange Bowl tonight--Oklahoma and USC are the two most dominant programs of the past three years...forget about Auburn and Utah. Plus the game is in hi-def! And let me say that hi-def was not created to look at Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer. His goiter was representing in high-resolution last night--yowza!

Back to the dog....folks are wondering about the name. It has nothing to do with Wes Anderson/Bill Murray so don't get it twisted on that front. It's pronounced Zee-Zoo and is the nickname of the French/Real Madrid superstar Zinedine Zidane. I'll leave you with this:

zizou meets zidane.JPG

Meet Zizou

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zizou - idaho 1.jpg

zizou - idaho 2.jpg

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