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Ginn is the Tonic

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The Bucks throttled the Cowboys last night in San Antonio 33-7. It feels good to destroy a Big-12 team like that and Coach Tressel in 4 years as coach is 3-1 against Michigan and 3-1 in bowls--and a national championship. No matter what's going on in the program, that's the bottom line and is going to ensure his job security in Columbus. Folks over at ESPN hell-bent on ripping the Buckeyes program were talking last night how Tress needs to be held accountable and foresee him ultimately losing his job over these scandals. My theory is that these same guys calling for Tressel's head are the same ones thinking Don Rumsfeld is doing a superb job. Most importantly, the Buckeys are going to be goooooood next season!

My heart just skipped a beat as I opened Yahoo News to see the tsunami death toll hitting 114,000. George Bush has responded to the tragedy with: "We will prevail over this destruction." I can't figure out if George thinks this was an act of terrorism, or what. But his words are far from comforting.

Here in Washington, Dino Rossi continues to squirm, as he demands a state-wide recount.

I'm off to Idaho later this afternoon for operation pick-up dog. I'm back at Villa Burbia tomorrow early evening, so I'll try to post some pictures then.

Have a safe and rockin' new year, in the meantime!

Indie Rock Meets Jacko

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Just caught some rock 'n roll at Chop Suey. Each band performing played a few Michael Jackson covers. The first band Pleasurecraft was on some 80's super synthesizer steez, but did a solid job with Thriller. Argo was some straight up horn-rimmed glasses indie rock and knocked out PYT and Billy Jean (the best MJ song, in my opinion). Last was The Preons...and it was during their rendition of Can't Stop that my party headed for the exit. An argyle sweatered lead singer and a hippie chick playing a a cow bell absolutely massacred the song. A worthwhile $6, in the end.

Ohio State v Oklahoma State in the Alamo bowl at 5pm PST on ESPN tonight. Plus Arsenal has a live game at noon PST on Fox Sports World. I can't ask for much more entertainment than that on hump day. And two more days til D-Day....Dog Day.

Tour Guide

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The sky was a bit overcast, so the sightseeing went subterranean on the Seattle Underground Tour. Being a newcomer to Seattle and this corner of the country, I know nothing of its history. So this was kind of cool but the one-liners delivered by our tourguide over the course of 90-minutes became a bit of a drag. But 95% of the crowd was in stitches for the duration. Think Pee-Wee on his tour of the Alamo.

Speaking of which, on Wednesday Ohio State is playing in the Alamo Bowl.

One more day of tourism ahead....

Tis the Season

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Hopefully, everyone out there had a fine little break and can get out for the post-Boxing Day sales today. With my sister in town, I've been eating out and watching movies non-stop. So far, I've seen Win a Date with Ted Hamilton, School of Rock, Mystic River, and Sideways. One of the four was terrible...can ya guess which one?

Watched an hour on the Ice Hotel in hi-definition earlier. I'm planning a trip to northern Sweden for 2011--who's in?

Anybody get a Lexus or Jaguar for Xmas?

Small Victory

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This is a national story now, so I'm sure you've heard that Democrat Christine Gregoire has the narrowest of leads in the final hand recount. Admittedly, Gregoire is a terrible candidate and it's absurd that the election was this close. Keep in mind that liberal Seattle is populous enough to cancel out the rest of a rural conservative state. But man, it's awesome listening to GOPers complaining of fraud and a stolen election. And if I ever meet one of these clowns who is comparing this to the Ukraine's elections I'm going to sock 'em in their grill.


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Looks like the man is cracking down on the illicit world of torrents. got shut down. Also, my boxing torrents site is attempting to avoid troubles by keeping PPVs off the site until after a 7-day delay. Tis the season.

To clarify the prior pup picture, I'm actually not sure the story on each of them....other than that they are from the litter my pup is coming from. I'm getting a male and not sure if those are dudes or dudettes. And I forgot to ask the breeder guy for the low down (I am awaiting photos in my inbox of the actual pup, though). But next Friday, I'll see said little guy in person.

The UPS man delivered the turkey fryer, today. It's enormous and came with a 30-minute instructional video that I'm eager to watch.

More importantly, Washington might have a Democrat Governor again tomorrow by the narrowest of margins....cross those fingers! And in the story I linked, the last paragraph shows some people disconnected from reality--likely loco pet owners.

Bleu Fromage Burger

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Played 5 v 6 tonight due to a draught on players...and scraped out a 4-2 win. The other team was furious and frustrated at the end of the game, as you might imagine. Great win.

I'm glad people are enjoying the turkey fryer movie...mine is slated for delivery on Tuesday. And a digital camera and camcorder hand-me-down is set for delivery tomorrow. Expect the inferno to be fully documented and published.

At a party on Friday, I met a white girl named Heidi who dated an Indian dude named Sanjay. The weird part is that talking to Heidi was like talking to Dell customer service. She had an Indian accent...and is Norwegian. Wacky.

An otherwise uneventful weekend, but Duce will be happy to know I grilled some bleu-cheese infused burgers on Saturday night.

Any preferences amongst these three? (The one on the left needs to fix that inverted ear)

first pup pic.bmp

Turkey Frying

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I was about to buy a gigantic fryer, but this has got me thinking twice:


And I highly recommend checking out this accompanying 13-mb movie.

Va Va Voom

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thierry and animal.bmp

Thierry and Animal have to be the definition of cool. And I appreciate Thierry schilling for a Civic-caliber auto.

And check out Seattle's version of Andy Rooney.


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The Washington Gubernatorial race is still in the counting votes process. After the first automatic recount it was a 42-vote advantage to Republican Dino Rossi. Now we're in the middle of a hand recount. 500+ previously uncounted absentee ballots in liberal King County just got the nod so things are looking bright for Democrat Christine Gregoire.

Every day on the way to work, I pass this budget, low-resolution electronic billboard on I-5 that pushes Ford Rangers and various Republican propoganda. Right now, the billboard features the tagline "Christine Concede" and "You've lost twice now do what's best for Washington". But even if Gregoire wins this recount, you gotta figure the GOP is just going to come back with a recount request of their own. Things could get sloppy. I just can't wait for that billboard to refocus on slanging shoddy domestic cars.

Mad Props

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My sister knocked out the Honolulu Marathon today. Out of seven entries from Kenya, the Kenyans swept places 1-6. I'm proud to say that my sis beat that other Kenyan....who apparently pulled out somewhere after the half-way point.

Big ups to the BBB donors for helping make it happen! And supporting a fantastic cause, in the process.

Punch Drunk

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Iron Mike, why oh why are you jumping on cars? It's easy to just write the guy off as a loon, but I feel awful for Kid Dynamite. Where are all those "friends" at to help him now? At the same time, say you were a former heavyweight champ and some idiot starting running his mouth at you...wouldn't you jump on his car and beat them down?

Evander Holyfield has a Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta with his name attached. My dream is to get the kids of that club to film a video of them pleading for the Real Deal to stop fighting. Have y'all heard him talk recently? It's just terrible.

Here's another bizarre sports story for you (credit to my brother).

Loco Pet Owners

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I'm gearing up for the pup and have been doing lots of reading. Here's the funniest thing I've read from a pet owner disconnected from reality.

From some cluck on Craigslist Seattle:

I recently stated in this forum that I thought spraying a cat with water for discipline is cruel. I got lots of helpful responses but the overall sense seemed to be that it was not cruel because it is not painful to the cat.

My point is, it is not painful but I still think it's cruel. Because if you got sprayed with water at work every time you did something wrong, you could sue your employer under "hostile workplace" guidelines. It would be considered cruel in the context of human interactions, so why is it so different for animals? I realize many people are not on-board with the idea of giving animals the same rights as humans, but I think this is the wave of the future. After all, in the early 1800's (and probably still today in some places) white people used to justify slavery by saying black people didn't mind hard work and couldn't handle being in charge of their own lives anyhow. I think we are in a similar state in terms of animal rights right now, saying "Oh it doesn't hurt them, so it's fine. They don't really mind." History was not kind to this attitude as it related to slavery and I don't believe it will be kind as it relates to animal rights.

24-Hour Fitness

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I'd mentioned in the past that I was going to sign up for a gym membership. I read horror stories online about the sales process, but I'm now in a daze as to how simple the process turned out to be. Dude never tried to sell me protein or a BALCO consultation and wrote out all the figures, off the bat. He did emphasize that it was a good thing I came in today because prices were going up tomorrow....phew! Anyway, tomorrow morning will be my first big workout there. I'm gonna be a really big brown boy soon....

More comments spam on my site here and here.


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Two updates in one day (albeit a Sunday)!

The snowshoeing was primo yesterday....killer powder, man. Sadly, amongst three people and two digital cameras, we have nothing to show for ourselves image wise. Blame it on a malfunctioning camera and uncharged batteries. Chalk up a two-way radio and thermos plummeting into the snow, as well.

For the first time, I really played around with some GPS software with brilliant results. Here's a map with a green line showing the route we cruised. I had to shrink it down for a manageable download size, but you can see that we were just a stones throw from Rainier. But cooler, is this graph showing our movement:

Paradise Topo Graph 2.JPG

Oh so close to 6,000 feet but we topped out at about 5960'. I can tell you that the two steep drops on the graph were fun to run/slide/tumble down. And quite possibly the location of the previously mentioned thermos and 2-way, too.


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I've bought random knick knacks from Ebay over the years, but have yet to jump into selling. My pops had some medical exam tables at his office that he needs to dump, so I thought I'd post 'em up and see if any fish bite. And yes, I found it very disturbing that people were buying used medical exam tables via Ebay.

Here's the link to my auction.

And here are some questions that I've received from prospective buyers:

I am interested in this exam table. Can you please tell me how old this table is...what is the make of this table and if it is manual or automatic. Also how much is the shipping within the united states. How much a new one costs?, Thanks

I just sent you an e mail. I got answer to most of my questions.There is another thing I like to know though. What do you mean by authorized buyer?.Do you know of any other person who may be selling an OB/GYN exam table and is willing to ship. Thanks

Hallo, Where is Marion. Close bigger city? Are these in working condition. Thanks.

Could you tell me how to come to your place to see the items. If liked we will buy. Tell the directions from 77 and 70 intersection. we will be coming from WV. Any electric lamp? Thanks

I think I'm going to tell my dad to just call the garbage man to pick these boys up. If you find yourself with some spare time, here's a funny story about a scammer getting scammed on Ebay.

Blog Spammin'

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Heads have been spamming of late....completely bizarre.

See this for an example--scroll to the last comment.

Snow Play

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So the breeder I'm getting my puppy from's house was burglarized last week. Thank goodness I didn't pick the breed for its guard dog abilities.

The snow is coming down in the mountains, and since I'm not ballin' enough to hit the slopes I'll be going pitter patter with the snowshoes near Mt. Rainier on Saturday. I'm going to miss the big USC v UCLA game....but go Bruins.

My dad bought Jon Stewart's book and passed it along to me after dubbing it "immature". The foreward is courtesy of Thomas "T.J." Jefferson from the grave.

T.J. on Benjamin Franklin: If crack existed in our day, that boozed-up snuff machine would weigh 80 pounds and live outside the Port Authority.

I always suspected that might be the case. Have a merry weekend, y'all!

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