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I keep my computer pretty fine-tuned, but for some uknown reason I still can't reliably go to and not crash my Explorer. Not a single other website causes this...I can't figure it out and it's killing me. But it didn't prevent me from watching several torrents (including Saturday's boxing PPV) on my flight back to Seattle last night. What's the deal with airline peanuts?!

The Jeopardy king is no more. Bummer.

My daily commute is about 33 miles and takes less than 40 minutes on any given day. Apparently this doesn't qualify me for "extreme commuter" status, despite me consuming a Mountain Dew each drive.

Gobble, Gobble

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I've rubbed elbows with grizzlies and wolves, but I saw my first fox this weekend! It was a glorious sight seeing it scurry across the highway in Marion, Ohio.

The plates of food came fast and furious through the duration of my Buckeye-state vacation--from White Castle to dim sum. Although, walking the streets of central Ohio, my wardrobe was not up to par. To remedy this next time, I will be covered head to toe in scarlet and gray wearing every piece of OSU gear possible. Everyone is Buckeyed-out.

Saw a trailer for this cartoon coming out next year that looks ha-larious--Madagascar--Ben Stiller and Chris Rock are the main voices. There have been some amazing cartoons coming out of late. And I might have to give The Incredibles the nod even over Finding Nemo...(blasphemy!)

Marco Antonio Barrera (pure class) and Erik Morales apparently fought the fight of the year on Saturday night....and I missed it (downloading the torrent, now...)

Identity Theft

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I've been on a no credit card policy for awhile now. I'm a believer in the theory that you spend less when you pay in cash/debit cards as you feel the sting in the pocket book immediately. But in an attempt to build up the ol' credit history for a future yacht purchase, I signed up for a new credit card.

I never actually received the credit card, but just received a statement saying I owe $4,960.35. Apparently I took a $4,500 cash advance in West Chester, PA and then went on a shopping spree of $430.43 at TJ Maxx in Feasterville, PA. As you might guess, it's been a minute since I've been in the eastern timezone. And you can be sure I'm not lieing, because I'd otherwise by dressed head-to-toe in Pelle Pelle and JNCO--$400 goes a looooong way at the Maxx.

I'm not financially liable for any of this, but I must admit that I'm a bit irritated that this sonuvabitch went on a 5-G shopping spree under my name. Though I most definitely find the humor in this clown stealing a credit card and running to TJ Maxx to get geared up.

On another note, the Pistons melee has brought up various discussions of race in America. A quick glimpse at Spanish soccer right now can help us Americans feel better about domestic racial affairs. So lets laugh at these foolish Euros and forget about our problems here at home. But seriously, these fools in Madrid have done this twice in a week's span after an enormous backlash on the first go. Can't we all just get along?


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I don't have a good clean link to the Pistons melee, but this is infinitely more hilarious. This Russian boxer Nicolay Valuev is a 7-ft heavyweight with a hairy back. Go here and click on numero uno to download a 10-MB clip of his recent post-fight interview. It will leave you speechless....

Bob Villa

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I've been away from the blog while honing my furniture making skills. After examining the final product, I will now have ample time to refocus on the blog. A smooth gust of wind will surely send my shelf creation tumbling to the floor.

Everybody is on the Utah bandwagon but where is the love for Boise State? These guys have been getting it done for years and definitely don't get the props they deserve. But now it's looking like there is a sliver of a chance that the BSU Broncos might shimmy into the BCS. I think it would be brilliant for two of these small-conference teams to crash the party and prove their worth. I believe the Utes and Broncos are ranked 1st and 3rd in TDs scored on the season. But can they punch it in against a Bob Stoops defense at Oklahoma?

The Buckeyes look destined for the Alamo Bowl on December 29th in San Antonio. Now I'm just hoping that ESPN broadcasts the game in Hi-Def. However, over the weekend I discovered the perils of an ultra hi-resolution big-screen monitor. I was way too close to the action in watching giant pandas mating and giving birth. Though later that night I caught some boxing in HD where I found the blood much less disgusting.

Torrents 101

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First of all, you need to download this little BitTorrent client. If you poke around you'll find countless others, but this is the original and nice and lightweight.

So you've got that all installed? Now, keep in mind there is no actual program that you're going to run a la Napster. Go to a page like TV Torrents. Navigate around and find that episode of 7th Heaven you missed. I suggest right clicking and doing a "Save Target As". Obviously, take note of where you save this file, and double click it after download (it'll take about 2-seconds even on your 2400-baud modem). Now begins the process of downloading/uploading where it will search for your peers wheeling and dealing the same file you're after.

And to clear up some lingo--a seed is someone providing a file for download and a leech is just a downloader. The more seeds the faster the download. If you have to stop the download go ahead and cancel it. You can open that original torrent file you saved again later to resume where you left off. Ideally, when you're done downloading you should leave the bittorrent window open for a little while and continue operating as a seed for a little while. After a completed download, you can junk the original torrent file and just keep the media file.

Movies and more can be found at SuperNova. The boxing fan should most definitely check out BoxingTorrents. Google around and you'll find oodles more. But hopefully this will get you off on the right up comments with questions/comments/concerns/site suggestions.


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First, I've gotta say that high-definition television doesn't disappoint. As a result, I really have nothing to say for myself and my weekend.

But I did end the weekend playing soccer. We were up 6-0 when a member of the opposition alerted a player on our team that it's poor form to run up a lead of more than 8. They actually weren't a bad team so I really didn't feel that bad about the scoreline, at the time. But myself and others on the team found it a very odd request.

In the A.M. I'm going to go wrestle with the pushy salesman and hopefully not get hosed on a gym membership. Anyone have any good gym membership stories? These guys are supposed to make used car dealers look like amateurs.


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I'm getting a lot of hate on the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon front. Y'all are crazy...enjoy your Bichon Frise while I'm out bagging pheasant with Griffon. And keep in mind these boys don't shed.


It's been a busy week and I'm going to have to bump Torrents 101 to Monday. Tomorrow morning I'm expecting Sunshine Trucking to drop off some exciting new toys. I wonder if they're related to Sunshine Carpet Cleaners? (anybody know that TV reference?)

Happy weekend, all!

Happy Birthday Hip Hop!

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The birthdays are coming fast and furious in the month of November. Supposedly, today is hip hop's birthday. I don't know how old he/she is, nor will I be getting he/she a present. But my place of employment is celebrating in grand fashion. And I'm apparently giving DJ lessons? In reality, I should be the one getting the lessons.

I've been going through records tonight trying to find stuff these kids would know. Save for Hammer Time and Ice, Ice Baby I've got nothing. Having been booed off stage at many a gig, I'm no longer worried. Anyway, I'm still unpacking records from my move so I was scouring through various boxes. KevDuce will feel me on this one: it's amazing when you can identify records by the top spine of their 1/8" thick jackets. I'm one with my vinyl.

Again, props to the donors to my sister's marathon. And check out the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and let me know if you've ever met one/what you think. Mom: don't worry, they don't shed!


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Research shows that readers have at least a middle school education and a $13,000/year median income. Therefore, I expect little of you riff-raff....but I'm going to hit you up for a worthy cause, anyway.

My sister is running the Honolulu Marathon next month as part of the Leukemia Sociey's Team in Training program. Growing up, my sister diagnosed herself with chronic fatigue syndrome. So her running a marathon is most herculean.

If you have even fifty-cents to spare, head over to her official website and make a donation via credit card/Western Union. I promised my sis I'd generate at least $3 from y' please don't make me look bad....

edit (11/10/2004): Happy Birthday to kevduce!


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I'm going over a 5th-graders homework who was working on a logic problem with a whole bunch of peoples doing different things. The idea being to figure out who did what. Part of the problem required knowing which people were boys/girls. The names given were Hernando a boy or girl?

I usually get a big kick out of talking to my Indian peeps doing customer service. My last call to DirecTV takes the cake, though. Usually their CSRs are in Boise but I called on a Sunday evening when Indians must pinch hit. This gal (who's Americana name I missed) was so overly polite with "thank you, sirs" it was like talking to a robot. But the real highlight was that she probably said 30-times "much few minutes, please". It threw me off until the 29th time when I finally figured she meant "few more minutes, please."


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Just got home from a Medeski, Martin, and Wood show. No undercard and they rocked for more than two hours. Very different from the bulk of the hip hop shows I've been to....i.e. the last time I saw Nas he lasted about 25 minutes on stage.

I'm staying away from current events for a little while. The Daily Show last night was terrific therapy to heal the wounds of election night--lots of talk of "hot man on man action" being the chief issue for voters. Now everyone enjoy your weekends....and go Bucks!

Next week, I'll give the low down on Bittorrents. Oh yeah, happy birthday Alex!

Guns, Gays, and God

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I don't want to overreact and sound like a young Red Sox fan exclaiming "I've waited my entire life for the Sox to win the World Series!". But I have this distant feeling that a guy like me just isn't going to fit into this new American puzzle that's developing.

I've always thought that my kids would grow up incredulous of the hullaballoo surrounding gay rights. Maybe I was too optimistic and I should shoot for my grandkids generation. The Republicans have found their voting base in the Christian churches and it is hard to imagine anything except the country's politics to continue moving to the right. It also looks like the hispanics are finding solice with the GOP and I've read rumblings of Bush nominating a hispanic Supreme Court Justice which would seal that deal.

Fareed Zakaria last night pointed out that our country's position on social issues--guns, gays, and God--more closely resembles Nigeria and Saudi Arabia than Western Europe and Japan. I know we're supposed to hate the French, but do we really want to be compared to Nigeria?

Our attempts at problem solving just seem so terribly short-sighted. For example, why is Adam Carolla the only person talking about the morning-after pill? This is NOT RU-486 (the "abortion pill") and with the proper support would have an enormous impact on unplanned pregnancies. But instead, we're promoting abstinence in our public schools. Maybe the reason the kids aren't paying attention to their health books is because they can't read? The reading skills of middle school kids I tutor is staggering.

I only speak English so my options to move are limited. But Vancouver is just a stones throw away, and with the Canadian dollar quickly catching up to our peso, it is becoming all the more tempting. And even somewhat viable. But I'm not giving up my passport just yet. This election has been the ultimate reality check for the state of the nation. For the life of me, I'll never understand this anti-gay sentiment. But that's just one issue to continue fighting for. I trip over too many homeless people walking through downtown Seattle, see too many alcoholic Native Americans couped up in casinos, and closest to me are kids growing up in the most difficult circumstances with a school system that is failing them.

One thing is for sure, I'm embarassed for my home state. And I promise to be there in Cuyahoga and Franklin counties in the future to make sure people are voting. It's an unfair burden to put on Barack Obama, but in the context of 2008, if he can't bring out the minority vote, who can?

Bubble Boy

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Am I that out of touch with reality? I'm apparently out of step with more than half of my compatriots. Crazy.

The Big Day

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Right now, I'm watching this Saturday Night Live Election Special. The spoof of the 1992 debate is just classic--Phil Hartman as Clinton and Dana Carvey as both H. Bush and Ross Perot. I actually remember watching this the first time around and just came to the realization I was a whopping 12 years old, at the time. I also vaguely remember being pro-H. Bush at age 8, but I saw the light after attending a Clinton rally in Columbus in '92. I'm obviously a seasoned Presidential election historian at this point.

Odds are that Senator Kerry is going to win big in uber-liberal Seattle and win the state of Washington, as a result. So maybe I'll just avoid the expected long lines and stay home and watch the results via the internets? But no, I've gotta hit the polls to vote for Seattle's Monorail Recall! This monorail thing is absurd--it's exactly like the huckster who rolled through Springfield selling the town on light rail and hiring Homer as a conductor.

But in reality, we've got bigger issues than the $185 monorail tax I paid a few months back. Record turnouts are a given and polling station madness can only follow. So share your voting experience in the comments section...leave it anonymous if you're a closet Bush vote. But I can only imagine that we'll all have at least one story to tell after casting our ballots. Do your thing and watch for those hanging chads...

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