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I've watched a little more of The View than I'd like to admit. During my "job search", I probably watched a bit too much television...anyway, all the hosts of the show are obviously annoying. But Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes the pie. And this was confirmed when I saw her speak at the Republican Convention today. Lisa Ling never would have done such a thing.

Republican Representative Ed Schrock from Virginia abruptly dropped out of his campaign race today. Why? Signs seem to be pointing to the fact that BlogActive outed him...and they've even posted an MP3 of an alleged call from Schrock to a gay phone sex line. This wouldn't be amusing if not for Schrock being against things like gays in the military and same-sex marriage. Sucka.

And my tolerance for spicy food has vanished. I used to enjoy challenging Thai restaurants to give me a 5-alarm blaze...but those days are gone.

Kerry On

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About 10,000 or so folks suffered through the Tacoma Aroma for a John Kerry Rally on Saturday AM. General Wes Clark and hypeman Jim Rassman introduced him. Countless other state politicians spoke, as well--one of whom claimed that Bush is "anti-day care". I had no idea that Bush was so ruthless.

Asians 4 Bush and other conservative groups made asses out of themselves protesting oustide the rally. But so did plenty of Kerry supporters inside. However, the donkeys and elephants were all outdone by the hippies hyping Lyndon LaRouche--who are these people?!. And what kind of a person starts an argument with a Secret Service agent?

Having followed the campaign fairly closely, Kerry's speech was the same ol' same ol' help is on the way stump. It was good to actually see him live and in person, though. Kind of helps me feel like I'm voting for a real person. He's far from the electrifying Gov. Clinton I saw in Columbus back in '92 but I'll continue to spread the Kerry-Edwards gospel, without a doubt.

The Olympics are in the books--mad props to the Hellenic Republic for pulling it off--but the Republican Convention should provide some good entertainment this week. And hopefully some much needed material for my postings here...

Hamm Sandwich

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So Paul Hamm has been asked by gymnastic officials to give back his Olympic Gold. The USOC is turning their head at the request.

Can you imagine if it was Hamm who had been misjudged and denied gold? It's bad enough listening to that guy cry about the medal he would be simply grating to hear that squeaky voice really crying about how he got shafted.

Anju Bobby George goes for gold today in the long jump finals today. But apparently she "fouls a lot". Best of luck, sista.


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Pratima Kumari and Sanamacha Chanu join that Kumar White Castle guy as the lastest Indian dopers. They are weightlifters representing India who tested positive for steroids in the Olympics. Major Rathore's earlier silver medal in trap shooting appears to still be safe.

In more bad news for the Indian team, they dropped a men's field hockey match to Pakistan today. This is a sport that India once dominated.

Cricket, anyone?

Arsenal went 43-games undefeated today with a 3-0 win against Brad Friedel's Blackburn. They are looking simply unbeatable right now...

An Ohio State football player got beat up by some Marshall players in West Virginia. The two teams meet on September 11th in Columbus. So will there be some ill feelings on the field? Superstar OSU linebacker A.J. Hawk said: We go into every game ready, and I don’t think that will really add much to it.

Riiiiiight....whatever you say, buddy.

Not a Robot?

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For the first time ever, there's some evidence of Dick Cheney actually being human. When asked a question about gay relationships, Dick said: freedom means freedom for everyone. That's a fine start...but he still scares the hell out of me.

John Kerry comes to Seattle this week. A prior engagement is keeping me from the $2,000/plate dinner on Friday night, but I just printed out my "ticket" for his public rally on Saturday. It's being held in the luxurious confines of Parking Lot B at the Tacoma Dome. Seattle/Tacoma heads should peep here for more info on this.

I just watched Kerry as a guest on The Daily Show and am beginning to like him more and more. He's got that whole frat boy/Skull & Bones thing going on, but he doesn't seem to be quite the jackass you'd expect from that background.

Oh yeah, I finally discovered one of those near mythical "undecided" voters you hear about in all the polls. She's a 17 year old (18 by November) in Michigan. John Edwards should be responsible for charming this potential swing demographic.

The Other Final

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For those with DirecTV or digital cable, the Sundance Channel is showing The Other Final tonight at 9pm EST.

The story:

As Brazil and Germany were battling for the 2002 soccer World Cup, an unlikely match-up was taking place half a world away. Ranked the lowest of all Federation of International Football Associations teams, squads from the isolated Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and the Caribbean island of Montserrat played before 20,000 spectators in Thimpnu (capital of Bhutan) for the dubious honor of not being officially labeled the "world's worst." An inspiring and joyous celebration of true sporting spirit from Dutch documentary filmmaker Johan Kramer.

Rally Caps

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Seattle's been living up to that whole rain thing the past 24-hours...I could barely even sleep last night with the water pouring out of my shoddy gutters. According to the forecast, there's plenty more precipitation ahead. Terrific.

Breakfast was enjoyed this morning while watching Arsenal come from 3-1 down to Middlesbrough to bag a 5-3 victory--their 42nd consecutive unbeaten game. It was just a remarkable game with all eight goals being highlight reel quality--two of which had Thierry's signature.

I spent a rainy afternoon souping up a TiVo for my brother. That bad boy is now capable of recording 120 hours of telly goodness. I've got the upgrade process down to a science now, so holla at your boy for assistance in all things TiVo.

I just remembered that I once created a website dubbed My TiVo and Me for an easy computer science elective in college. I only shared that URL with a few choice people and don't even have it myself these days. I now pray that it has perished in some internet wasteland with the lot of Geocities sites gone bad.

And here comes the rain again, now...

Of Course...

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Of course G Dubs took credit for the Iraqi soccer team's success in the Olympics...I was a fool to think there was even a chance he wouldn't. But the Iraqi team is snapping back after team Bush used their story/images in a new campaign commercial.

Speaking of crazy Presidents...Ike "The President" Ibeabuchi is fitting to be paroled...Who?! He's a bi-polar Nigerian heavyweight who wreaked havoc on folks like Chris Byrd and David Tua before succumbing to visions of demons and other dementia. Here's a fine article from detailing his background and potential future. The heavyweight division needs some life, but I really hope this maniac isn't where it comes from. But like many others, I too have that sick curiousity to see what he might still be capable of in the ring...but at what cost?


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Near disaster was averted tonight at The Office, with Brian Ching scoring in the 89th minute for a 1-1 result against Jamaica.

The Germany World Cup is still 2 years away, but it really would have been a setback to drop points to Jamaica at this stage of the game. Hawaiian Ching seems to be the new flavor of the month in the US's quest to find a real goal-scorer. Let's hope he turns out to be a tasty flavor.

Next up is a tough one against El Salvador on September 4 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Did anyone else's jaw drop when they heard American Gold-Medal Gymnast Paul Hamm's pip-squeak voice?

Just a Matter of Time

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Rajyavardhan Rathore is the name. And double trap shooting is his game. The mustachioed marksman bagged a Silver Medal in the event--India's highest individual honor ever in the Olympics.

Anju Bobby George, who?

I can't think of anyone other than my sister who would really appreciate this, but here's a transcript of a chat with PT Usha--an Indian Olympian of yesteryear. I think she was running barefoot in Seoul in 1988, if memory serves me correctly (though I was just a boy of eight, at the time, so I'm probably wrong).

It would be fun if India's sports ministry kicked it into high-gear...if China can do it, why not India? Though in truth, India seems to have their priorities in order.

World Cup Qualifying continues today for the States, the boys face Jamaica in Kingston at a stadium nicknamed The Office. Catch it live on ESPN2 at 4pm PST. So if you need me in the afternoon, I'll be working from home.

Stale Slate

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How about that for an anagram? Anyway, hopefully nobody relies on Slate for their soccer news. Here's another absurd piece--this time criticizing the US Women's National Team in the Olympics. I'm guessing that the author of this piece Mr. Weintraub is voting for Bush in November. He's got divider written all over him.

Slate's founding editor Michael Kinsley lives just down the way from me--I might have to lob some soccer balls over the iron gate protecting his home.

Olympics Pt. 1

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I've been glued to the tube today watching the Olympics...right now I'm enjoying the women's gymnastics coverage. The attraction is the commentators moreso than the somewhat creepy buff little American gals. Anyone remember the days of John Tesch doing gymnastic coverage? Those were the days.

Gymnastics fun fact of the day: according to one NBC announcer, all young Romanian boys grow up dreaming of the pommel horse.

Props to the Iraqi soccer team, again...they knocked off the Costa Rican Ticos today to reach the quarterfinals. Don't let snobs like this cluck at Slate try to steal their thunder.

Arsenal started the new season today with a big 4-1 win--four goals from four different players and none of them named Thierry Henry...that's good times.

I can't recall when I last had my hair cut...I think I have inadvertantly ended up looking like 17-year old Catalan Arsenal sensation Cesc Fabregas.

On a different note, Alan Keyes continued to embarass himself this morning on ABC's This Week. Dude just moved into a month-to-month apartment in Calument City (yikes!) to become eligible as an Illinois Senate candidate. Here's some good humor courtesy of The Washington Post on the subject. I can't wait for the Obama/Keyes debates.


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Iraq just knocked off Portugal in soccer at the Olympics. I wonder if G. Dubs will try to take some kind of credit for this?

Alaskan Frontier

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Just booked my airline ticket to celebrate labor day by not working in Anchorage, Alaska. Still not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing up there, but in my next life I'm going to own an eco-tourism company. $425 for a one-day kayaking trip? Yowza!

Trouble For Anju

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India's great hope for a medal in the Olympics is a bit under the weather. Anju Bobby George is expected to put up a fight for a medal in the women's long jump. Hopefully that druggie Marion Jones doesn't get in the way of this quest.

With India's reign in Men's Field Hockey now firmly in the past, this could be the dawn of a new era...

Sunshine, Lolipops, and

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Alaska fun fact of the day: yesterday marked the first day since May 10th that the sun set in Barrow, Alaska. Sunrise followed a brief one hour later. On another note, there is apparently a volcano fittin' to blow near Anchorage.

At lunchtime today, I somehow found myself watching kids taking the parallel parking portion of their driving tests. I witnessed this 16-year old blonde girl in a fresh new Acura execute some astoundingly poor parking skills. Then I saw her crying after she realized she had failed the test. Tough break, kiddo.

Harold & Kumar

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I just saw the movie. I'm simply speechless. Do yourself a favor and just go see it...full price or matinee, it doesn't matter.

On another note, at dinner last night, the waitress apologized for the slow service by announcing that "the kitchen just got a butt-load of orders." Class.

If You're Gonna Spew

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Every Monday night I go through the same ordeal in trying to pick my pre-game meal. If I had any brains I'd just boil up some pasta but I tend to try to be a little too creative. Today it was a gyro. It was back to back games tonight...and I hurled after game one. This never would have happened had I eaten White Castle.

I've been trying to recall a non-alcohol related booting, but to no avail. Though I felt good after handling that business and managed to bag a pair of goals in game dos. I know exactly what you're all thinking: "Wow! It's just like Michael Jordan's playoff spectacular while fighting the flu!"


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I felt an even closer bond to John Edwards when I discovered that he and his wife spend their Anniversary dinners at Wendy's. In recent years, it's become customary to spend my August 2nds at America's finest purveyor of tiny hamburgers--White Castle. However, cameras and microphones rarely follow me.

Sadly, my current geographic position has proved an obstacle this year. But I'm hopeful that a trek to the grocery store's freezer section can at least bless me with the frozen variety. A double-header of soccer games tonight is preventing me from doing the next best thing, though...heading to the cineplex to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. But hopefully later this week I'll be able to live vicariously through their adventures.

Random Day

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Went out with my fishing partner to tackle the Upper Fork of the Snoqualmie River, today. We reeled in a handful of fish--and we literally could have fit all the fish in one of our hands. They were some little trout.

Props to the presumably shady folks at Weyerhaeuser (a logging company) for hooking up the gravel roads we used to get up there.

Our day culminated at a bridge in North Bend, Washington over the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. This caught our eyes when we saw some incorrigible teens hurling themselves off of it into the water below. My buddy elected to join in the reindeer games--it was about a 30 foot jump and he let out a shrill shriek half way down. Good times.

I also chatted with two random people on the bridge...Nate from Columbus and some older dude who turned out to be from Dayton. Nate was a real piece of work--one of those guys who tells you their whole life story right from the starting gun. He seems to be a regular at this bridge, so be sure to visit him for some silly stories on your next trip to the North Bend Outlet Mall.

Am I the only one who kind of feels sorry for Mike Tyson's current financial state of affairs? Latest reports say he tore knee ligaments before getting KO'd on Friday. I guess that might leave a sliver of possibility that he might be able to fight another fight...

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