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Why No Five?

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Anybody use this new Gillette razor--the M3 Power?

They couldn't trump the Schick Quattro with the assumed Cinco, so they just plopped a battery in their Mach 3. I picked one up recently and just pressed the button to feel the vibrations. It's safe to say I'm now scared to shave in the morning.

Olden Times

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I've spent countless hours/days/weeks planning my brief tour of Portugal next week. I don't understand how things like this were done in the pre-internet days. You'd have to have a fantastic travel agent for them to know there is regular bus service from Oporto to Vigo from a company named Autna. But Google hooks up info like that lickity split.

Thankfully, I won't be needing that yellow Autna bus. Assuming, of course, that some airline tickets I bought arrive via FedEx on Friday, as promised--I leave Saturday at 7:30am. I'm biting my nails hoping that comes through for me. But if they're good enough for the travel-chic Rick Steves, they're good enough for me.

Four teams left in the Euro tournament. Wednesday is Portugal v Holland. Thursday is the Czech Republic v Greece. Portugal v the Czech being the best possible stadium experience I could ask for in the Championship game.

The squad I play on lost England-style in our own championship game tonight in the sweltering heat of an unventilated airplane hanger. Bummer.

If anyone's seen my Social Security card recently, please let me know...

Falling off...

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I've been slipping of late....

Euro 2004 is in full swing and I've finally booked my ticket to Portugal for the July 4 championship game. Sadly, I just finished watching my adopted Frenchmen get knocked out by an incredibly spirited Greek side. I've been dreaming of seeing Henry, Zidane, and Co. play...but looks like I'll have to make some trips to Arsenal/Real Madrid games to see them.

Now I'm left to cheer for the host country...come on you Portugeuse!

Sweden v Holland is tomorrow and Czech Republic v Denmark on Sunday.

Biggest news coming from here is that I have a fresh new job to come back from the Iberian Peninsula to. Have yourselves a jolly good weekend.

Sweetest Science

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While playing the beautiful game tonight, I gained a new respect for the sweet science. I had my feet planted on the ground about to give the ball a little flick with the noggin, when some cluck from the other team came charging in. His forehead clanged into the side of my head--I was left a bit woozy.

I don't know how boxers do it. Another shot like I took tonight and I'll be talking gibberish like Evander Holyfield.

Shoddy Hosting

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My bootleg web hosting is frowning upon my MP3 uploads...but I assure you they are good times and you won't be disappointed with the wait when I finally solve this.

Euro 2004 kicked off this weekend. Today featured France v England. Everyone has been drooling over this matchup for the past 6 months and it didn't come close to disappointing. England took the lead in the 38th minute and held onto it until extra time--when the wheels fell off.

Zinedine "Zizou" Zidane did what he always seems to do--a breathtaking free kick in the 91st minute to knot it up. But it didn't end errant back pass in the 93rd was poached by Thierry Henry, who was then brought down by the England goalkeeper for a penalty kick. I always gush about Henry, but he isn't the man to take the penalty kicks for his national side. Up steps Zidane to send it into the side netting. 2-1 to France.

I think when I get a dog he's going to be named Zizou.

Closer to home, the US took out Grenada 3-0 in Columbus for World Cup qualifying. Part two is this Sunday in Grenada, it'll be live on ESPN2 @ 1pm PST.

Rather lazy weekend here, but I'll surely make up for it with impending 80-plus degree weather arriving this week. And how was your weekend?

Good stuff to come...

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I've got some great MP3s to be added in the morning to make up for my recent drought in posts.

Stay tuned...

It Isn't Friends with Donald

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And it doesn't go quack. Here's a glimpse of geoduck from the eyes of a camera-phone at Uwajimaya.


Joke of the Day

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Here's the Joke of the Day courtesy of Andrew, age 13, from Yahooligans.


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It's Spelling Bee time. Just got done watching the first day's action and it's as exciting as ever. I have my alarm set for 7am to catch the final day's events. Plenty of mustachioed Indian boys (and girls) still alive in the competition. I don't know how I missed out on that facial hair gene.

But young Samir is my dude--he finished 3rd last a 9-year old. Best name in the Bee goes to Biplab Panda. And this unlucky kid from Jamaica got hosed with the ridiculous word "shavian".

The Nats easily took care of Honduras 4-0 tonight. In the process, they even played some pretty darn good looking soccer at times. Brian McBride (of Fulham in the EPL) scored two, with Eddie Lewis (of Preston North End in the English First Division) and Tony Sanneh (of Nurnberg in the Bundesliga) scoring the others.

Next up is Grenada on June 13 in Columbus, Ohio to kick off the World Cup Qualifying schedule. It'll be live on ESPN2 at 10:00am PST. And it looks like I'll be in attendance at Crew Stadium to cheer the boys on. So to my Ohio readers, let me know if you're interested in going.


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I went camping this past weekend for the first time in many moons. It felt good to give my old backpacking tent a workout after the long layoff, despite a decent bit of moisture in the air. Sadly, I felt like the band camp girl in American Pie, as I recounted numerous tales of Scout Jamborees of yesteryear. I guess the memories (good and bad) just came rushing back at the sight of some Coleman lanterns. I'll post up a few choice pictures on a rainy day.

On the way home late last night, I drove through Leavenworth, Washington. Here it is on the map. This town, in the middle of nowhere on trusty US Route 2, bills itself as a traditional Bavarian village. I applaud their consistency as even the decor of their McDonalds has a splash of Bavaria. Overall however...a very bizarre operation. I can only imagine the hordes of RVs that must line the streets in July. I'm in the process of negotiating with my mom to open up "Ye Olde Dosa Shop" there. Far from German but I think the idea holds promise.

The US Nats have a friendly today against Honduras--their last before beginning World Cup Qualifying. Live TV on Fox Sports World and HDnet at 4:30pm PST and on delay at 8:30pm PST on Telemundo.

Tired...More to Come...

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