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Churchill Polar Bears

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I'll write a separate post on logistics on the ground for those interested.  This post will be more meat and potatoes.

First, a map to illustrate exactly where Churchill, Manitoba is.  Still south of the Arctic Circle, but this trip really put into perspective for us how massive Canada is.  Look at how big Hudson Bay is alone!

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Overall, it was a highly productive 27 hours we spent in Churchill.  The polar bear excursion kicked off at 7:30am with a motel pickup, and we were on board the Tundra Buggy at 8:30am.

Within 30 minutes of setting off, we saw two males sparring on the ice (imagine two bears on hind feet punching one another).  Sadly these guys were super far away, so there were no photo opportunities.

Speaking of photos, here's a selection of the better ones.

At the end of the day, it was definitely amazing to see these beasts in their natural habitat.  Remaining observations will be in the next post…

First Glimpse from Churchill

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We just got back to Winnipeg from Churchill after a day of polar bearing.  From a quick look at the photos, there are a few keepers.  But those will wait until a proper post and trip report upon return to Seattle.

In the meantime, here's some Where's Waldo? action.  It's a glimpse of what a partially frozen Hudson Bay looks like on a 4 degree cloudy day.

From a distance on Hudson Bay...

More to come soon…