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Finally....In Pictures

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I'm feeling way too lazy to properly format this for easier enjoy some flicks from the game by scrolling away.

Gorgeous stadium. I can only hope that the Chicago Firehouse in the south suburbs is as dope.

I missed part of the pre-game show while waiting for my non-alcoholic Carlsberg (that's all they were serving), but I'm guessing that's a modern version of de Gama's ship.

Portugalia lost the game....but they definitely have the better national anthem.

I've got nothing for this one.

The trophy presentation was accompanied by some Star Wars style music that only Europeans would think is a good idea.

proud portugal.jpg
My Portuguese is weak, but I believe this translates roughly to "We are proud". There were versions of this poster at bus stops that had clucks like Couto on it instead of Ronaldo. Someone with Photoshop skills thankfully remedied that atrocity in this Times Square version.

marques pombal.jpg
I was quietly retreating to my hotel when I came out of the subway tunnel to witness this sight. Needless to say, I spent several more hours on the streets taking this all in. Important to note that this wasn't a rowdy affair...just a bunch of folks waving their respective flags around. I got mad props from the Greeks for the India flag I was wearing as a toga.