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Cutthroat Pass

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This is the first in a series of belated posts after a busy (for us) August…

For many years, I've had my eye on this 11 mile one-way hike from Rainy Pass to Cutthroat Pass in the North Cascades.  It's snow free and hike-able for only a window of time in August/September, and this was finally the year we suckered some friends into doing it with us.

After needing my Matrix battery jumped (for the first time ever) outside the Mazama General Store, we started hiking at 3pm.  You might be thinking, "wow, that seems like a late start for an 11 mile hike".  And you would be correct.  But don't worry, we had TWO compasses packed.

At the top of the pass, it was pretty darn windy and chilly. It was a bit cloudy up there, so we were denied super scenic vistas but we did at least hear marmots whistling in the distance.  It's a very excellent hike across the board.  Here we are, in various states of fashion:

Descending from the top we met some campers who seemed quite concerned about seeing hikers in sandals and shorts towards the end of the day with 5 miles of hiking left in front of them.  They didn't know who they were talking to…

With the last drop of sunlight, we arrived at our shuttle Corolla.  Phew.  The bad part being that it was well after 9pm when we were back at camp, and we still needed to cook up dinner.  Good part Mark is a trooper and single handedly hooked up authentic (?) biryani in a single pot.

Meanwhile, Lillie was busy with important things like s'mores.