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Black Canyon Wildflowers

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It was our last weekend at home with Zizou for the month, so today we set off to to check out some more wildflowers.

Black Canyon was the destination—about 25 miles outside of Ellensburg, WA on a sometimes paved, but mostly unpaved little road.  The last mile of road was especially rough.  You can see a bit of it in the below photo from the trailhead:

The hike itself was 6-miles round trip with about a 1,500 foot climb.  Two hours up and a quick hour back down.  The only snake we saw wasn't a rattler, so that's always a bonus in Central Washington.  Plus there were very few others out on the trail with us.  A very solid overall hike for this time of year.

An old homestead cabin off the trail:

Grass widows:

Sagebrush violets tucked into some ferns:

Shooting stars:

At the top are some nice vistas looking down to the town of Ellensburg.  Had we invested another ten minutes to pop over another ridge, we probably would have had a great view of Mount Rainier.  But it was rather chilly up there and we turned back.  Next time.