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Klug-usamys go to Wenatchee

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This weekend, six people and three dogs piled into a giant Ford van fueled by vegetable oil in search of desert flowers.  Destinations were Beezley Hills outside of Quincy with an overnight in Wenatchee.

Roslyn Brewing Company is always a good stop along I-90 (fyi: Roslyn is where Northern Exposure was filmed):

Then after a snack from Arby's, we stopped at Beezley Hills in hopes of catching some wildflowers.  Probably a tad early for the big show, but good times nonetheless:

Mexican restaurants galore in Wenatchee, so we settled on El Fuente before retiring at the Econo Lodge for the night.  The next morning, just a few miles out of town we did a nice uphill hike in the Saddle Back area—really fantastic views of the town and river.

We recharged at the Anjou Bakery in Cashmere.  This is an absolute must if driving by on US-2—assuming artisan crafted bread and cheese is up your alley.  Then things got a little corny further down US-2 as we stopped at Munchen Haus in Leavenworth.  The town might not be quite our style, but it was a nice day, and we were able to sit in the Beer Garden with our dog(s).

(In case you were wondering, our fearless Veggie Van driver was Lillie’s brother, with his girlfriend and two dogs riding shotgun.  Lillie’s parents took the second row seats with an occasional granddoggie in lap.)