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Finally...a Gate!

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It was a long time in the coming, but I finally banged together a gate in the garage and hung it up out back.


Also put together some stairs to climb up onto the deck from the side of the house.

gate stairs.JPG

Props to Artistic Iron Works in Saskatchewan where I purchased the gate frame and stringers. Unbelievably nice folks and awesome accents, to boot. I still have to mask some steel brackets and finish staining but the fence is one big step closer to being completed. There are two openings still featuring plastic temporary fencing which I'll fill in some day or another. .. ,,

Deck Repair 101

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Swiped my parent's camera over Thanksgiving so I'm back in business...

The deck was rather shoddily designed with an enormous gap that your foot could fall into and your ankle in turn snap.

deck before.JPG

So I popped out the two deck planks nearest the wall and sistered on some 2x8 pressure-treated boards to the existing joist. Then measured and cut the new deck planks and the gap was gone.

Here's what we're looking like now (I probably could have raked the leaves before taking the picture):

deck after.JPG

I have to say that this is the project I'm quite self-congratulatory about. Plus, it only set me back about $35. And might save me a lawsuit at the next summer BBQ. And before said BBQ, the deck will be properly treated and stained.