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Fence Update

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I have loads of home improvement posts to go up...but this is all I have for you, now. The fence is about 90% complete...it still needs to be attached to the two sides of the house. And that can only be done after some other things are done...and so on...never-ending.

And rain is beginning to descend on Seattle...right when I was planning on staining the fence. But here's one shot to show you how it's starting to shape up.

DSCF0028 (Small).JPG

Bar Stools

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The place was hurting for some water buffalo hide...so here comes these bar stools (just ignore Zizou's stuffed enema toy (Ena-Man) that's laying on the floor):

DSCF0006 (Small).JPG

Photos from Easter Island are to come. I've been focusing on the trip report geared towards kids for my work. Let me say that it is incredibly difficult to write about boring stuff for tween/teen consumption. But it's going to be grand, in the end.

Good lord...it's August?