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Ding Dong

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Started with this obviously bland doorbell:


Then hooked up this LED button from Seattle-based Spore known as the R2:


My night photography skills are hurting for sure...but it really does look slick in the dark.

More serious matters are to be attended to this long weekend, though. Zizou is terrorizing the neighbor's yard/Pekingese so the first step to solving this is to drop in some fence posts. Should be interesting...

My Nemisis

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Himalayan Blackberry is not my friend. The new backyard was completely overgrown with the stuff. Looks something like this:

DSCF0200 (Medium).JPG

It's basically these thick thorny vines that just take over the show. Save for a specific variety of deathly toxic pesticide, it sounds like it's a several year battle. After cutting back all the vines, I busted out the shovel to pull out the roots. Check out this crown--that's the big bulb (about the size of two fists) with all the rhizomes jutting out:

DSCF0209 (Medium).JPG

Quite an amazing little weed. I've cleared out enough now that I can actually see my property lines, though. I'll post the after picture tomorrow when I take one in the daylight. But here's an intermediary picture, for now:

DSCF0211 (Medium).JPG

Still a long ways to go. Fencing...Terracing...Cabbage patch...