22,431 Miles Traveling With a Toddler

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January was the time to take Jordi on his first big trip.  Two weeks to be primarily spent in China and Burma. Nothing we wouldn’t do before Jordi, so why change things now?

Breaking down the flights makes it look daunting.  22,431 miles flown around the world on 13 flights and 9 different airlines.  But don’t worry, we did it in as much style as possible.


Now lots of folks thought we were crazy taking a 17 month old on a trip like this.  While there were no doubt many unknowns, in the end it was a beautiful thing.  While we missed Zizou, it was fantastic to spend a solid two weeks together without work and daycare in the way.

This kicks off the trip report for this jaunt…


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Well I'm hooked! Can't wait to hear about your latest adventure.

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