A New Adventure Begins

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I alluded to this in my last post wrapping up the Namibia trip report.  The time has come for the first of these adventures, and recent news will only add to the spice.  The markers in the below map show our currently planned stops on this trip:

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Feel free to explore the map independently, otherwise I’ll be introducing the destinations as we move along over the course of a 12 day trip.

Rest assured that we’ll be traveling in style, so I’ll make sure to take photos of all the plane food, et cetera.  Special shout out to our official sponsor for the trip—Citi.  Earning 300,000 AAdvantage miles without breaking a sweat ain’t bad. 

The next post will be from our first departure airport on Thursday evening—hope you’ll follow us along the way!

P.S.  I’ll also give a plug to our RSS feed for fellow Google Readers, or you can receive posts via email.


WOW! I can't wait to hear about all the amazing adventures (and food!) you will experience! Awesome!

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