Out of Namibia

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Nothing to do on the last day except to leisurely eat breakfast at the Fig Tree, and head to the airport.  But not without one final/minor "adventure".  Halfway to the airport, my dad realized he'd left his jacket back at Fig Tree.  There was no time to turn around, but with a call to the guesthouse my dad's jacket jumped into a taxi by itself to meet us at the airport.

It was amazing how simple that coat retrieval process was.  And that's pretty indicative of how this trip went.  The only snafu that we weren't easily able to right the course on was my mom's non-veg dinner on the one day a month she's veg (?!).

Anyway, on this last day we all flew back to Johannesburg together.  Then later that day Lillie and I would continue back to Seattle, my sister would head back to Los Angeles, and my parents would spend the night at the excellent Intercontinental (only 5K Priority Club points!) at the airport before heading to Victoria Falls and Chobe the next day.

Credit: Mom Ponnusamy

This day also happened to be my 30th birthday---my parents generously (but not sneakily) provisioned some slices of cheese and carrot cake from the Intercontinental restaurant, and stuck some matches in it.  There are countless worse ways to celebrate than being in southern Africa with (most of) my family.

Check out all this high quality Namibia schwag!  I've seriously never seen my dad so excited about buying something as he was with that vest.

Credit: Lillie Klugusamy

Riding in the upper deck of the A380 out of Jo'burg and up to Paris was also a nice way to round off the day.  Plus there was time for one last birthday Windhoek in the Air France lounge before leaving the continent.


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