Namibia Wrap Up

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So now I belatedly wrap up this trip report with the below final items.  Also should note that there are more adventures already in queue for 2011, so please stay tuned for those hopefully more timely updates!

  • Some of you get a kick out of this, so there's a slideshow of airplane food.  Nothing really memorable in this department since we were slumming it in business class unlike Lillie's 30th in Cathay first class.  Plus they're all taken with the iPhone, so of questionable quality.
  • My sister sent in a kind post-trip note regarding this trip.  She sent this to me for posting a full five months ago, so it seems like the time has come.

Plane food:

From my sister Naveena:

I have, like all of you faithful readers, watched with envy as Vinod and Lillie go off on their many fantastic adventures in high style.  So when Vinod emailed the family almost 6 months ago to suggest that he could arrange a trip to Namibia, my ears perked up.  But I'm not someone who is capable of planning that far ahead and he said he needed an answer right away so he could begin planning the trip and securing business class tickets using miles.  I was in the process of switching jobs and couldn't really pay much attention to this so just told him to count me in, not really knowing what I had signed up for.  He did however inform us that "Satisfaction is 99% guaranteed."

Now that we're back from Namibia I can say that the trip went above and beyond a 100% level of satisfaction thanks to our intrepid travel agent and tourguide, Vinod.  A week before the trip, I still hadn't paid attention to enough detail to even know when my flight left.  But thanks to an extensive multi-media briefing from Vinod and a detailed PDF itinerary I was given to load onto my Kindle, I started to get excited and ready for the adventure.  From there I just had to show up at the airport where I proceeded to be wined and dined via an amazing first class (not even business class!) travel experience. 

Now I'm usually a pretty independent traveler and can take care of all my own arrangements, but traveling with Vinod, Lillie, Mom and Dad, pretty much meant that I should just shut up and go with the flow.  So I did what I was told and let everyone else handle details like ATM withdrawals, car rentals, hotel check-ins, GPS setting, and camera beanbag sewing (ask Lillie about that); I just had a great time mooching off the gang's flawless trip execution in order to enjoy the wonderful sightseeing. 

As you've seen from Vinod's posts and pictures, Namibia was an absolutely gorgeous country and we covered a lot of ground in our Land Rover.  As we were departing Windhoek, Namibia, we saw an African proverb written in the airport lounge that pretty much summed up my role in this trip: Omukumuniniva ke shii oule wandjula.  This translates to "One being carried does not know the distance of the road."  I will never forget the wonderful time I had on this trip and look forward to never having to arrange my own travel ever again.  Thanks Klugusamys! 


What a great guest blog! I am indeed looking forward to the "adventures" of 2011. I think the Klugusamys have also planed a few of our trips over skype that they didn't even go on...

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