Back to Windhoek

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Last full day of the trip, and one last long drive to get back to Windhoek for our flights out the next morning.

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We made only one stop along the way at a craft market with some relatively aggressive hawkers.  But those guys weren't going to faze my sister, so she bargained her way to a decent price on some souvenirs.  The rest of us got out of there pretty quickly with empty hands.

Back in Windhoek in the early afternoon, we checked into Fig Tree Guesthouse.  This place was absolutely perfect for a final night.  We enjoyed sitting in their garden/pool area drinking red wine by a fireplace and catching up with the wireless internet.

Credit: Mom Ponnusamy

Also made a stop down the street at Maerua mall (the largest shopping mall in all of Namibia!), and for some reason ended up with a midday to-go snack from Panarottis Pizza .  I was successful in unloading a lot of Namibian change there.

Finally, we ended the night at the restaurant Fusion, owned and operated by a Namibian woman.  We ordered some pan fried mopane worms--they were neither disgusting nor delicious.  Great atmosphere at this place though, so would highly recommend it.


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