Up to Etosha National Park

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This was the longest slog of the trip, but the roads were all actually quite nice.  In the town of Omaruru along the way, Naveena and Lillie somehow found themselves on a tour of a place making paper out of elephant poop.  A nice bonus.

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We arrived at the Etosha gate with not a whole lot of time to spare before they closed at sunset.  We were spending our first night here at Okaukuejo.  Within minutes of entering we saw our first jackal, giraffes, zebras, and elephants.

Here’s a lilac-breasted roller (otherwise, not a lot of birding on this trip):

One of the nice features of the accommodations inside the park is that they have floodlit waterholes.  Basically that means that after you eat dinner, you can take a short stroll from your room to a nearby waterhole and watch animal activity all night.

As soon as we walked up to the Okaukuejo waterhole, so did a pair of black rhinos to grab a drink.

Then on came another black rhino with her youngin’.

I shot both of those at 300mm with a Better Beamer Flash Extender.  I got that thing in the mail right before I left, so sadly never got to practice using it before this.  Pretty satisfied with the first time results nevertheless.  Also pretty satisfying to see black rhinos for the first time.

That’s how our first few hours at Etosha went—many more wildlife photos to come from the next two days in the park…

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