Sunrise at Sossusvlei

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There’s nothing like waking up at 3:45am when on vacation.  That we did, and we were on the 60km road to Sossusvlei around 4:30am. 

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The last 5km of this stretch is a soft sand track where 4x4 is required.  It was dark, not really sign posted, and we were the first ones through so there was nobody to follow.  It was rather a fun drive!

With no problems at all, we found our way into the parking area for Sossusvlei.  A German couple arrived shortly after, and much later the small group tour from Sossus Dune Lodge.  We chose different dunes to climb, so we were essentially alone for sunrise.

As a result, we had lots of fresh sand to tread on in the remaining pre-dawn minutes.  Here is Lillie’s iPhone sunrise video edited with Windows Movie Maker:


Now, here’s a collection of photos from Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei:


On the way out we got into a wee bit of trouble with the Land Rover—I zigged when we should have zagged.  As soon as we realized I had made a wrong turn out of the parking area, the car was no longer moving as it was stuck in sand.  Whoops!

Credit to the whole family for not panicking.  I got the car unstuck, however in the process overheated the engine.  Here’s a bunch of folks who know nothing about cars surveying the scene:

A little bit of (unnecessary) adventure added to the trip.  We then headed back to Sossus Dune Lodge to clean up, pack our bags, and move on.  Next stop Swakopmund.

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