Philadelphia Mini-Day Trip

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I had a neglected voucher with Delta that was about to expire, so logically I snagged the cheapest ticket I could find for a day trip (while earning maximum mileage in the process, of course).  I hopped the redeye on Friday night to DTW and onwards to PHL—I was 2/2 on upgrades for what little it was worth on these flights.

I had about four hours to spend in Philadelphia.  Thanks to a sweet deal from Hertz, I rented a car for $5.50 (while also earning 1,700 BMI miles).  To make the deal even sweeter, when I got to my Hertz Gold spot there was a Prius waiting for me.

Hertz Prius

Then things got depressing when I couldn't figure out how to start the car.  I kept hitting the Power button and nothing would happen.  I went inside and sheepishly explained that I was clueless—the Hertz lady was all smiles: "Honey, don't even be embarrassed…nobody ever knows how to start them."  Phew.

I cruised to town and hit up a tour of Independence Hall—which is totally free and easy during these frigid months.  Saw a chair that George Washington sat in and then went to check out the Liberty Bell.

 Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

Now, it was time for a cheesesteak.  After lengthy research on Chow Hound, FlyerTalk, and Yelp, I ended up at Dalessandro's.  For $6 I got a foot-long bun overflowing with steak, cheese, and onions.  Amazing.  It also makes me thankful that I live in Seattle—there's no way I'd make it to 30 with food like this within reach every day.

And it's totally random that an identical red Prius drove by while I snapped this photo of the joint:

Dalessandro's Steaks

I transported a cheesesteak home for Lillie that hopefully survived the 12 hours between purchase and reaching the fridge.  It's currently in the oven reheating.  And Tastykakes for dessert!

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