RSS Feed Change and Email Updates

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Doing some winter technical cleaning here on the website.  To our mothers reading this: feel free to stop reading now…

Updated RSS Feed:

To all our friends who are currently subscribed via RSS, please take 30-seconds to ensure you're connecting to the following address:  I won't bore you with the details, but the small changes that come with this are very nice. 

Email Updates:

If you're not using an RSS reader and you're following more than one blog around the internet, Google Reader can change your life.  But if that's much too confusing and you still want to follow the periodic updates from us, I've added email updates.  You can punch in your email address in the right sidebar (or click here) and you'll then receive our new posts in your inbox.

If you don't see a right sidebar, that likely means you are using Internet Explorer 6.  For a variety of reasons I suggest you step up to IE7 or Firefox.

Unless times get really tough, we will not sell your email addresses.

Exclusive for iPhone and iTouch Peeps:

You can do an "Add to Home Screen" in Safari on for a special treat.

In the Future:

We're working on some fanciness to get some hopefully good updates on here throughout our Round the World in May.  Less than four months to go for that.  Huzzah.

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