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Zizou at ZAAZ

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Tangled in ethernet cables while snoozing under my desk.  He's quite the working dog. 

Working Dog

(Wish my iPhone photos didn't always look horrible.)

RSS Feed Change and Email Updates

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Doing some winter technical cleaning here on the website.  To our mothers reading this: feel free to stop reading now…

Updated RSS Feed:

To all our friends who are currently subscribed via RSS, please take 30-seconds to ensure you're connecting to the following address: http://feeds.klugusamy.com/zizou.  I won't bore you with the details, but the small changes that come with this are very nice. 

Email Updates:

If you're not using an RSS reader and you're following more than one blog around the internet, Google Reader can change your life.  But if that's much too confusing and you still want to follow the periodic updates from us, I've added email updates.  You can punch in your email address in the right sidebar (or click here) and you'll then receive our new posts in your inbox.

If you don't see a right sidebar, that likely means you are using Internet Explorer 6.  For a variety of reasons I suggest you step up to IE7 or Firefox.

Unless times get really tough, we will not sell your email addresses.

Exclusive for iPhone and iTouch Peeps:

You can do an "Add to Home Screen" in Safari on www.klugusamy.com for a special treat.

In the Future:

We're working on some fanciness to get some hopefully good updates on here throughout our Round the World in May.  Less than four months to go for that.  Huzzah.

Central Oregon -- Bachelor 'n Hood

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To celebrate the final days of Bush/MLK Day, we popped down to Bend, Oregon and looped back home through Yakima, Washington.

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First we stretched our legs at Trillium Lake Sno-Park in the shadow of Mount Hood--the snow was packed and icy, so no use for snowshoes even.  This was actually the best view we've ever had of Hood from our few trips to the Portland-area.


Next stop was the Holiday Inn Express in Bend where Lillie had a heart to heart with Zizou before we went to the Deschutes Brewery (the beer served at Klugusamy 07/07/07). 


We took a stroll around the Old Mill District--there's some nice park area/trails surrounding the shopping along the Deschutes River.  Freezing fog was the forecast.  Our first encounter with such.  And the first time we've ever seen rime ice.  Super cool stuff--all the trees and shrubs were covered with it.


The next morning it was 28 degrees and foggy in Bend--after a 25 mile drive to the Mount Bachelor area it was an amazing 48 degrees with sunshine and blue sky.  Short pants to play in the snow wouldn't have been that crazy. 

We used the Dutchman Flat Sno-Park as our jumping off point.  No trail to follow, we just climbed upwards until we ended up at a sunny clearing with a nice view of Bachelor.  We hung out here for awhile just soaking in all the pleasantness.   



After some Arby's we hopped on US 97 headed to Yakima where we had a free night at the Howard Johnson (just as we did on the way to Boise over Labor Day).  This stretch of US 97 is pretty desolate--but the ghost town of Shaniko was a surprise delight.

We ended the day with a perfectly fine dinner at Red Lobster in Yakima--it'll be another fifteen years before we eat at Red Lobster again, but I'll continue to endorse it as a great seafood restaurant for inland America.  Next time we'll use this weird kitchen in our room at the HoJo for dinner: