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Four Years Ago

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we were just turning the car around from Meridian, Idaho after first picking up Zizou.

And he's been a nuisance ever since.

Snow Keeps Coming…

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While not totally obvious from these photos I just took, it's past 10pm and we've quickly picked up another two inches—it's a windy, fine mist of snow coming down.  This is all quite amazing for this part of the woods.  Zizou continues to be in heaven, however.

Snow Day

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Tree, check.

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When I stepped out in the hallway this morning, I remembered the Noble Fir that we picked out yesterday.  I love that smell!

This was our third year visiting Keith and Scott Tree Farm - we're big fans.  We've chosen pretty rainy days the past couple of years, and there have been a few more weekend opportunities to grab a tree between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Needless to say, on a sunny Seattle day with blue skies, our favorite tree farm was much more packed than we've seen in the past.  Zizou didn't get to spend quite as much time off leash,but we did check out the river and take a few more pictures this year.

Hoping to add some color and lights this evening!