Final day at Brooks Camp

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Pretty leisurely day, for the most part since a foggy morning kept us from a climb up to see the views.  The only logistical issue was that we had to be out of the campsite with our big backpacks delivered to the KatmaiAir office by 9am.  Since these little planes frequently head back to King Salmon empty throughout the day, they haul all the luggage over the course of the day and you meet back up with it on the other side.

Breakfast in the lodge is $15 and was the only meal we did there.  While a bit pricey, we found it worthwhile to be able to load up on eggs, bacon, and potatoes for the day.

Then it was back to the bears.

I'm not sure if Keith intended to chop of my head, or what...


But this is skill...


The highlight of the day was watching two yearling cubs down at the lower platform.


First they wrestled...


Then one of them found this little leather pouch thing on the ground and was having the time of his life with it.  Memories of Zizou with a plush toy immediately came to mind.



And our final bear sighting of the and her three spring cubs, again!


We closed the day back at the lodge with beer and bloody marys--which the bartender mixes up himself and are quite spicy and delicious for $6.50.  Then we were back on an Otter for the first leg home to Seattle.


Amazing trip.  Hopefully Mackinac Island, Michigan next month keeps the streak alive...

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