TAME to the Galapagos

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Our boat's embarkation/debarkation is timed around specific TAME flights to Baltra, Galapagos (GPS).  If you ask your booking agent for the boat nicely, you can save a few bucks buying these airline tickets yourself through tame.com.ec.  The "tricky" part is that you must book through the Espanol portion of the site in order to receive an eticket.  Otherwise you're going to find yourself with an unpaid reservation that will require the silly extra step of paying at the airport or something.

Now there's a bit of hokey pokey you have to do here at the airport.  First head to the INGALA desk near the ticket counters to get your Galapagos Tourist Card for $10.  You can save some time on the paperwork here by completing beforehand online.  You then get an absurd little credit card like card to hang onto and flash upon arrival.  Next, you throw all your luggage through an x-ray machine (much like the checkpoints in Hawaii) and receive special tags on your bags giving you the green light to move over to the TAME counters and check in.

Plane geeks would be excited to board this TAME Boeing 727.  Enjoyed a breakfast coke and ham sandwich before landing in GPS after an hour and a half.

Upon landing, it's time to fork over $100 each for the National Park fee.  You'll need to show your INGALA card and entry stamp to Ecuador in your passport.  From here, you'll find all the guides standing around holding up signs for their respective boats.  Now it was time to Samba.

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