Galapagos Islands -Day 5 - Isabela - Punta Moreno

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Day 5 morning schedule:

  • 05:30 Wake up call
  • 06:00 Breakfast
  • 06:45 Dry landing
  • 2 ½ miles lava walk
  • 09:30 Back on the Samba
  • 10:00 Snorkel
  • 11:30 Back on board
  • 12:00 Lunch

Isabela Island is one that most boats don't make it out to--so we had it entirely to ourselves.  All 14 of us.  Can't beat that.

Despite traversing scorching lava rock, our guide Juan kept it real and continued to roll barefoot.  Wildlife takes a bit of a backseat this morning, while Juan drops his knowledge on vulcanology.

This is quite the change in scenery---lava rock with a volcano (Cera Azul?) in the background...

Here's a pioneer plant, the lava cactus.  Grows 1cm/year--so you can bet on this little guy being multiple hundreds of years old...

Just the two of us...

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