Galapagos Islands - Day 4 - Floreana - Post Office Bay

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Day 4 afternoon schedule:

  • 15:00 Wet landing
  • Post card exchange
  • Relax on the beach/Kayak/swim
  • 17:00 Back to the Samba
  • Sail to Isabela (10 hours)
  • 19:00 Dinner

In the 1700's, whalers setup a barrel here as a mail drop for folks passing through.  Leave something for someone to pick up later...or pick up something addressed to somewhere you're heading and personally deliver it.  So the tradition continues with the touristas passing through.

We went through the stacks of postcards and found one addressed to someone in West Seattle.  Perfect--Lillie delivered it last week.  And it's totally cheating to bring home a postcard, put a stamp on it, and mail it---this happened to a card we addressed to South Haven, Michigan. 

There's a little soccer field setup here that the boat crews get together on for a bit while we roam the beach.  Great to see these guys have a bit of fun considering how hard they work for all of us.  Though there was this one dude playing who had like four intentional hand balls--I was absolutely infuriated watching from the sidelines. 

Ten hours of sailing this evening--sailing which you can expect to encounter some rough seas on...

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