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Iron Man

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I had a fresh round of x-rays snapped today. My jaw dropped when I saw what my toes now looks like. Still plenty of healing to be done, but there's a whole lotta titanium in there to facilitate the process.



I will spare you the non-x-ray view of my toe sporting a fresh new zipper-like scar. Two more weeks on crutches. Aaargh.

Not So Perky-cet

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Diagnosis? An angulated/comminuted fracture of the first phalanx of the right great toe.

Solution? A titanium plate/screws to put it all back together.

The Seattle Surgery Center was the venue for this little operation on Friday morning. After checking in, I changed into the obligatory hospital gown, booties, and hair net (sadly, didn't get a picture of this). The surgeon then sat down and explained the procedure to me. I asked him how long things would take and he told me that "sometimes it's like a jigsaw puzzle" so it can take up to an hour. I hope my mish mash of bones provided him ample challenge.

The anesthesiologist was Tamilian, so I told her if she needed to yell at me about anything to please do so in Tamil--that way it would feel like I'm at home. The relaxing timbre of her voice was perfect for pre-grame. I wasn't nervous about the procedure, but you do get a weird feeling when you're laying naked on an operating table with bright lights beaming. She was telling me that I could take Tamil classes at the temple here in Seattle. I responded that in three years in Seattle I'd never been there. The nurse in the O.R. chimed in with, "Don't worry...someone is watching over you." I remember thinking to myself "word up" and then I drifted off...

Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room all groggy. I didn't have my glasses on, but after some serious squinting I determined there were saltines and graham crackers on the tray before me. I gobbled those down before demanding some apple sauce and water. The nurse was all like "you've already had two bags of saline!" I told her to stop being stingy with the saline. Must have been the drugs doing the talking.

Now, it's nothing but the World Cup in high-definition and my cocktail of percocet, aspirin, ibuprofen, and metamucil. Looks somethings like this:



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I'm not really one to share details of my medical history, but x-rays and the like are pretty darn cool. So here's my foot (as x-rayed today and photographed against my TV). All you armchair radiologists can play the "spot the fracture(s)" game. Good luck!

Hint: Look for the delta-shaped lines on the big toe...